Peter Ryan's latest update for Destiny Imperfect

Mar 14, 2017

Greetings Destiny supporters,

The first draft of Destiny Imperfect is complete, and I’m leaving it to stew in its natural juices for a while! In a few weeks’ time, it should’ve marinated sufficiently for me to begin to blend it into shape and bring the final product closer to fruition. If you have yet to pre-order a copy, you can do so here!

In the meantime, Destiny’s stable mate, Sync City, is available to order right now! If you’re into a post-apocalyptic action-filled adventure of man and machine, then Sync City is the story for you. If you are unfamiliar with Jack and his adventures, check out the story at my website: If this piques your interest, then Sync City is available in all its gory glory from the places mentioned below.

The paperback version is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Book Depository. The ebook Kindle version is available for those in the US from Amazon. For non-Kindle people and those outside the US, the best place to head for the ebook is Kobo. You can also order Sync City, in paperback or ebook format, via the good people at Inkshares right here!

Don’t forget to share and enjoy your day!