Doyle Burke and Lou Grieco's latest update for Death as a Living

Jul 8, 2020

Death as a living update

We wanted to update everyone about the publishing status of our book Death As A Living. We were set to go to final copy edit this spring when events overtook us.

The first event was the coronavirus pandemic, which has shut down businesses across the country. The publishing business, and the businesses that support it, are not exempt. Printing shops have been shut down. Book reviewers have been laid off. So have buyers for the major bookstores. All of this has caused bottleneck problems for InkShares, our publisher, which has been forced to move back production dates for several projects, including several ahead of us in the pipeline.

The second event, really a series of events, was the death of George Floyd, followed by the protests and the conversations that are happening nationwide. We believe this book, designed to give readers an inside look at how police and homicide detectives do their work, is more important that ever. This has caused us to take the summer to do another edit. Given the perceptions and misconceptions surrounding policing right now, we’ve got to get this right.

At this point, we’re likely looking at a publishing date in 2021. We’re disappointed, in that we’d hoped to get this published in 2020, but we’re not going to dwell on that. There’s more work to be done, and we’re already working on it.

Lastly, as we’ve said before, we deeply appreciate all of you. Purchasing this book was an act of faith in us, our publisher and our project. We appreciate your patience and your trust in us. Thank you so much.

Doyle and Lou