Katherine Forrister's latest update for Curio Citizen

Jun 26, 2017

Hi everyone! Curio Citizen is still in 1st at 221 orders, so thank you SO much to everyone who has ordered today. HOWEVER, 2nd place is coming up fast! They are now at 212, and they have been steadily gaining orders for days. PLEASE, personally ask one person to pre-order in a private message, in person, or even an old school phone call. That is the best (and sometimes only) way to get someone to actually place a pre-order. I’m not asking you to make yourself or anyone feel uncomfortable, of course--you know your friends and family best--but I have found that many people I would have never expected to order gladly do when personally asked. I NEED help at this point. 4th place is also gaining orders fast, and though we have a good lead, that could change if I stop getting pre-orders today and tomorrow. I hate to ask more of you who have already done so much, but all of our hard work for weeks will be for nothing if I don’t stay in the top 3. 

Thank you again. I truly cannot thank you all enough.

The deadline is TOMORROW at midnight Pacific Time (that means 3am for all my east coast peeps). June 27th is the LAST DAY.

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Please direct friends to https://www.inkshares.com/books/curio-citizen

Here’s today’s look into Curio Citizen:

Prístina and Aliado Reúnen

Prístina Reúnen is Inquieto’s older sister, and her husband is Aliado Reúnen.  Prístina is a teacher of young children, and has the compassionate and patient demeanor ideal for the profession. Aliado works for the water treatment plant beneath the Capitol, a career that doesn’t seem to fit his shrewd wit and skills for diplomacy. 


             “Prístina,” Oyente said, clasping her forearm, and then the man’s at her side. “Welcome, Aliado. It is wonderful to see you both.” 

             “Thank you for having us, Oyente,” replied the similarly dressed man, but his glance couldn’t stay away from me for long. “This is the alien? Carmen, is it?” 

             I noticed a visible shift of discomfort from Oyente. Cálido stifled a laugh. 

             “The Talking Curio,” Cálido smirked. I did my best to stomach the comment. 

             “Carmen, it is so exciting to meet you,” said Prístina, sweeping forward. “When Inquieto told us your story, I was heartbroken! What a terrible misunderstanding!” 

             I took a shaky breath. “Yes,” I said. No more words made it past the knot in my throat. 

             “Carmen, this is my older sister by five years, Prístina,” Inquieto said, with a gesture to the young woman. She possessed the same high cheekbones as her two brothers’, but they were dissimilarly part of her full, heart-shaped face. Her cheeks were a soft, enlivening blue, and I suspected she was wearing makeup. 

             “And her husband,” Inquieto continued, “Aliado.” 

            Aliado was taller than anyone present, with a square jaw and dimpled chin, a solid frame, and sharp eyes that had not yet left me.


Thank you! We have less than two days! Please help!!!