Katherine Forrister's latest update for Curio Citizen

Jun 22, 2017

Hello my dear followers!

I am thrilled to announce that Curio Citizen currently holds 1st place! But some interesting news was thrown our way yesterday. From the beginning, there has been a disconnect between the contest ending date--on the official rules, it stated June 27th was the ending date, but on the site settings, June 25th had been programmed as the ending day. I operated under the assumption that the 25th was the ending date, but it turns out, June 27th IS the actual end date for the contest.

Why does this matter? It gives the competition two extra days to gather pre-orders and potentially overtake us. We have a good lead as it now stands, but that could change at any moment. Five days is a lot longer than three when every contestant is bringing in more orders every day. I will need your help to keep me in the top 3 spots and get published!

Please ask at least one other person to pre-order my book and help them find the site and place the order. You all have been so amazing, and we are almost there! Please help me win this contest in these final days. The deadline is now June 27th at 11:59pm. Any individual orders from separate email addresses placed before then will count towards the contest!

Just $10 could truly change my daughter’s life and mine. Please consider helping us so we can find our feet, and I can start a career that will support us. Plus, you get a fantastic sci-fi novel (if I do say so myself, haha :P )

Thank you again! Click HERE to pre-order a copy of Curio Citizen.

And for all you awesome sci-fi fans, here is today’s look into the world of Curio Citizen:

Paz Economics:

As described before, the paz are inherently peaceful, and, as expected, have established a peaceful, planet-wide society. Part of what makes such peace possible is their structured economic standards.

Their money is called "din" and is stored on triangular cards.

While different levels of wealth exist on Paz, every child, no matter how wealthy or poor a family they come from, is given the same education and opportunities. Following their education, they choose a field of study which interests them and pursue it as a career. Once in that career, salary, promotional steps, and pay raises are all standardized for each job planet-wide. Pay for each job is based on the level of time and aptitude it requires. The Council of Careers is the primary division of government that handles these decisions and makes relevant policies. 

In addition, the minimum wage on Paz is a true, livable wage. Those who cannot work or are otherwise in need are cared for monetarily by the government. 

The setup sounds ideal to Carmen, but she is left to wonder if a structure like that would actually work with humans involved--or if it is really as perfect as it seems on Paz.


               "’But, surely there are favors given, backhanded dealings,’ I prompted. ’You can’t really believe everyone lives in perfect honesty and integrity in that situation. And don’t some people get upset or jealous if they don’t get the career they want? What happens if they fail the tests and have to be a garbage collector or something?’

               Inquieto seemed confused by my logic. ’If someone fails the tests, then yes, they are usually disappointed, but they process their emotions and move on. Most find contentment in their new career because it is better suited to their abilities.’

               He then frowned in consternation. ’And as for backhanded dealings, no, of course not. That would ultimately lead to more trouble than it was worth. Everyone knows that. It’s common sense. Who would want to cause that much trouble?’

               ’Are you really so naive?’ I asked, unable to hold my tongue.

               ’Do you truly think so darkly?’ he asked, greatly troubled.

               ’I—’ I uttered. ’To believe everyone is peaceful and perfect—that’s not dark thinking, it’s just a reality of life.’
               ’On Earth, perhaps,’ he said uncertainly."


Thank you!