Patrick Tebbe's latest update for Crow’s Gambit

Dec 15, 2017

The end of the year is almost upon us. After some soul searching and consultation with readers and other Inkshares authors I have decided to extend the funding campaign once more. I appreciate those of you who have invested your money in Pre-Ordering the book and I want to assure you that I have devised a cunning strategy to get to the finish line. There are several activities already planned for the upcoming weeks that I hope you will find exciting. Starting with this.

Neil Larson is a former designer of space probes and now Peter Darrow’s right hand man at the Crow Works. He is often seen with a beer in his hand but the story never specifies what KIND of beer. One lucky reader will get to decide what Neil’s favorite is. But wait! That’s a tough decision and you may want to do some research. That’s why we will be raffling off two tickets to the Mankato Craft Beer Expo on Jan. 13th. Tickets to this event usually sell out. These are the Early Admission tickets with a combined value of $100.

Every ebook or print Pre-Order gets you one entry. When we hit 225 Pre-Orders we will hold the drawing. That means your odds are roughly the same (or better) than winning $100 on a $10 scratch off lottery ticket…and you get a book! Of course the more copies you and your friends order the better your chances.