Peter Ryan
This is a great read, I can't wait until it funds! Check it out and follow Adam. There's a bright future here!
Stephen Carignan
Refreshing and well written, Crawls brings the reader to the story with expert, seemingly hidden exposition. Perhaps the strongest method for bringing the character to life is the way the author allows both the character and the writing to be influenced but the protagonist, which blends the author's voice with that of the character's. While this is difficult to do, here it is done most effectively, and I can't wait to read more.
I like the style. I enjoy a book where the inner conversation a character has, like the reader is the other end of an inner monologue, has always been interesting to me. The psychology of a character is key to his actions.
Ferd Crôtte
Gross and icky! Probably the ramblings of a sick, demented mind. I LOVE it!! :D
david michael olsen
Well written, vivid prose and a unique voice. This is a project worth backing.                
Susan Hamilton
You had me at ankle deep stew of sewage. I'm not always a big fan of the horror genre, but I'm really hooked by what I've read of Crawls so far. Looking forward to more.
Eric H. Heisner
Ha!  A very insightful prose of consciousness that sucks you in and leaves you wanting more.  Wherever this story leads, you know that it will be quirky, unique and probably taking you places you've never imagined.               
Shawn Furniss
I have read the first chapter of crawls and I am disgusted...yet intrigued. It's a weird mental dichotomy.
P.H. James
Entertaining writing style and a fun/creepy premise.
Jacqui Castle
Gripping opening! Can't wait to read the rest!