Rebekka S. Leber
I absolutely cannot wait for this book! ...and it's not just because Ken Lindsey loves my book, I promise! If you are a fan of mythology and/or a punk-style science genres, you will devour this book. Two words people- ROBOT SIDEKICK! What more do you need? ......Oh... you really need more? Good thing Clockwork Charlie provides just that! With passages that paint scenes with photographic realism to skin-tingling creeptastic visuals, Ken Lindsey doesn't pull punches. He has created a vast cast of characters, many of them women (Yay! Feminism!) who are complex and distinctive. You will care about these characters after just reading his two excerpts, and you will care about their story in less than five minutes. Bet me on it.
Rebekka S. Leber
If you love mythology and punk-style science genres, make supporting this project a priority. Lindsey paints beautiful and sometimes chilling visuals with his prose, and has created a strong cast of female characters. Follow this now!
Stephen Carignan
From the very start, Clockwork Charlie ropes readers into the atmosphere with beautiful imagery. The author sets the tone with somber, vivid descriptions, and an underlying tone of mystery. One of the strongest aspects of this piece is how the emotional tone matches the characters interactions through the descriptions, making this work feel like a coherent whole. I look forward to reading more.
Jeremy R. Strong
Clockwork Charlie so far has one of the most compelling central characters of any of the many draft projects I am following on Inkshares. Ken Lindsey is wise to share Chapter 8 with us, as the mystery surrounding Charlie, her abilities and the unique world being crafted is very pronounced here. The events referenced in the car scene with Cricket and Jessie, such as the burning of the hotel and particularly Charlie's dream and her obviously troubled but close relationship with her father, make me desperately want to find out what happens between the prologue and chapter 8!Lindsey has a talent for economical dialogue and for the careful release of plot details and back story that do not slow down the forward momentum of his storytelling. Some of aspects of this world are puzzling, but I have a feeling that much of what we need to know lies buried like a sleeping dragon in unshared chapters, and I know that I'm not the only reader that is definitely interested in reading more. I also want to know more about Charlie's father because Lindsey clearly conveys his importance to Charlie within the two excerpted chapters, but I am sure that more will be revealed about him in time.If you like dark fantasy, Clockwork Charlie has all the markers indicating it will be a carefully constructed, moody and compelling character driven story. I think that here I can see shades of Gaiman, Barker, King and maybe even China Meiville. I highly recommend that you read the drafted work present here, give Ken your feedback and support and get ready for his funding campaign, because I can definitely see Clockwork Charlie as a finished book on my shelf at home, and can't wait to read more and follow it into production!

Jeremy R. Strong
All the hallmarks of the dark twisted worlds we love in Gaiman, Barker and Meiville. Compelling main character, brilliant images. Support this book!
Deborah Munro
What a fabulous premise! After watching the trailer, I read the first chapter and was hooked. Charlie promises to be a powerful heroine with uncompromising strength and fortitude, exactly what I like in an adventure action novel.
Author Chelsea Moye
The prologue of Clockwork Charlie is nothing short of riveting! Can't wait to read the rest, and you should consider checking it out, too!