Y. E. Katerina's latest update for Children of the Dire: The Renegade Blade

Sep 5, 2016

This is not so much of a book update. It is a general update for my readers as well as some words of motivation. 

This weekend I had the pleasure of going to Fan Expo in Toronto, Canada. It was a lot of fun cosplaying, speaking to indie comic book authors and seeing celebrities. 

(here’s a photograph of me cosplaying, Bernkastel the witch of Miracles)

It was an amazing weekend that has given me a lot of inspiration. I got to see Margaret Atwood and get a signed copy of her first graphic novel, "Angel Catbird". Being able to be in the same room as that amazing author was a highlight of the weekend. 

(accurate picture of me meeting Atwood.)

Anyways, enough freaking out about the convention. Even though I got to meet one of the most famous Canadian writers, what stood out to me more were the indie writers and comic book publishers. Everyone there was so polite and humble when selling their stories. You could tell that they put their heart and soul into their work. Rather than working for the money, they do it because it is what they enjoy doing. I learned their inspiration came from everywhere, from RPGs such as Dungeons and Dragons to reading quotes as story prompts. I even saw a writer stop a person just to take a picture because they inspired them to make a character for their next project. There were a lot of creative works that caught my attention. 

Such as Jim Zub the author of the comic series "Wayward" and "Skullkickers" by Image Comics. 

And Neil Gibson, the author of "Twisted Dark".

 Now, this man went above and beyond for his fans. When we went there he signed my copy of the fifth volume of his graphic novel series and after we raved about his stories, he wrote us a short story on the spot in five minutes. It was amazing.

His graphic novel series, "Twisted Dark" is by far, the best psychological horror graphic novel I have had the pleasure of reading. This is a compilation of stories set in a world identical to our own, but it is twisted, very, very twisted. Twisted in such a way that churns the stomach, curdles the blood and will leave you waking up in the middle of the night from a nightmare. 

The most astounding thing about these stories is the taste it leaves in your mouth. The dark tone of the narrative is subtle, intellectual, and leaves you pondering the realistic nature of each twist at the end of the story. It’s terrifying because horror of this nature could happen in the real world, and that’s what makes it so frightening. It relies on human nature, from our need for solitude to our desire for perfection and attention. The taste of these stories is not just a bitter one, it is also quite sweet, addiction sweet. Once you read through the first two pages, you are hooked in wanting to know how each story ends after. Also, when you figure out that they all connect, you will read them again just to figure out the connections. Gibson is a true master of the craft because he weaves each piece together in such a way that the reader is never disappointed in the twisted, dark endings. I highly recommend this to any horror fan, (especially psychological horror like Twilight Zone or Hitchcock) or any one looking for a scare. 

I challenge all of you to read this without feeling a chill run down your spine. Go on, buy it on Amazon for yourself and find out.

So what is the point in me promoting these indie authors and sharing my experience at Fan Expo? Well, being at the convention opened my eyes to the beauty of the indie community. They are proof that small writers can do great things and inspire so many people with their weaving of words. 

So do not get discouraged when the little voices in your head tell you you aren’t good enough, or no one is going to like your project. Just think that in a few years, after you’ve laboured and laboured over a novel, you might end up at a convention overwhelmed by adoring fans. Even if you haven’t started, or are struggling, or worried about your skills as a writer. 

Just stop. Just write. 

Don’t worry about your experience or struggles, just write and work to the finish line. Writing is hard work and it takes a lot of dedication, but if you stick to it, the fruits of your labour might shine through.

Creativity is everywhere. The tools are in your head, inspiration is all around you.