Y. E. Katerina's latest update for Children of the Dire: The Renegade Blade

Sep 9, 2016

Greetings wolf pack, 

I hope that you all are having a good Friday afternoon. I am still having a bit of withdrawal from attending Fan Expo last week. Nevertheless, I am working hard on the last part of my project. With school kicking off this week, it will be more difficult for me to keep up with my writing. But I will try my best to get the project completed by the end of fall (late November/early December). 

The new version of the covers are coming soon. Been working with the artist to make a plan for the covers. I will be releasing a sketch by the artist (the wonderful Cris De Lara), either the next weekend or the weekend after. She is a busy artist and is doing my covers out of the kindness of her heart, so I told her there’s no rush for them. Each will take a total of three weeks. 

The reason for this update is that I’ve decided to make weekly updates showcasing the world shown in "Children of the Dire". Each Monday I will write a post highlighting one of the eleven kingdoms in my fictional realm of Romeldaros. I will write about the landscape, popular places, strongholds, inspirations, and the histories (including the people who lived there). This will be a great exercise in world-building as well as allow me to show what I have planned for my world. 

We’re almost at 130 readers. I know we can get to 150 soon enough! Thanks again for all your support. Your comments, reviews and recommendations mean the world to me.