Christopher Huang's latest update for Cat’s Paw

Oct 21, 2018

Dear friends,

We’re at the halfway mark of the Inkshares Mystery & Thriller contest with "Cat’s Paw" in second place. Nothing’s for certain, so do please check to see that your order’s been counted. If you can, ask a friend if they’d be interested in pre-ordering a copy as well. Remember that when you pre-order a print copy of this book, you also get an ebook download bundled with it.

So let’s go make this book happen!

Speaking of making books happen, there seems to be some good stuff happening on Inkshares right now.

Top of the leader board for the Mystery & Thriller contest is "Gumshoe Rules", a hardboiled detective story set in the middle of the Cold War. The author knows his noir, so you might want to check it out.

Over in the Horror contest, "The House That Fell From the Sky" features a house that appears in the middle of the city out of nowhere. A bunch of people are set to enter and investigate, and you know that nothing good can possibly come out of it.

And for those of you who prefer epic fantasy, there’s "Bane of All Things". The tech level’s a little more advanced than usual -- they’ve got gunpowder -- and I found the excerpts to be a pretty easy read despite this being not normally my thing.

Don’t forget to come back home to "Cat’s Paw", though. I’m counting on you!

- Christopher Huang