Luke Murphy's latest update for Blasted by Adversity: The Making of a Wounded Warrior

Jan 13, 2015

Hi, everyone -

We hit a major milestone on Blasted by Adversity: the Making of a Wounded Warrior: We sent the book manuscript to our publisher December 30th and are now working with the Inkshares editor. If all goes well, we’ll have a book by May 8th. 

To once again thank you for making this book possible, we will begin sharing excerpts. These are “hot off the press,” so you’ll be the first to read them. Feel free to share with your friends on social media or email (and be sure to take credit for helping us write it!). 

Book excerpt #1, Calling Home: 

At Baghdad ER, the tents they took me to after the blast, they asked me if I wanted to call home and I told them no, I was doing fine. I wasn’t up to calling. The medics were kind of insistent, "Do it for your mom or whoever cares about you. You may not make it. We're not saying you're going to die, but people die from these kinds of wounds all the time." Well, when you put it that way… 



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