Luke Murphy's latest update for Blasted by Adversity: The Making of a Wounded Warrior

Feb 20, 2015

Hello, backers and friends -

We’ve been in a whirlwind of activity, racing toward the book finishing line. Our latest milestone was passing the publisher copyedit phase. It just goes to show that the more eyes on a manuscript, the better. Still counting on the May delivery date.

We’re also reviewing book cover designs and really love what the artists at Inkshares have proposed. We'll update you when we receive a final.

As we committed early on, here’s another excerpt (copyeditor approved).

Book excerpt #3 from chapter titled Mission to the Future (National Guard training exercise)

Around midnight, I heard something that sounded like a big-ass mosquito. I looked around and thought, What in the world? I saw this black object in the air coming toward us—maybe the size of a kid’s model airplane. It hung in the air momentarily, then turned around.  About an hour later, I heard the Apache Longbow. I was getting ready, getting into position, and then got a call saying we were dead. What?  “Yeah, they killed you from four thousand meters out.”  I thought, Are you kidding me? That’s not even fair. That was a couple of miles away, you know? But the mission was over… We were going to repeat the exercise the next evening, and I got a great idea…

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Blasted by Adversity: The Making of a Wounded Warrior