Luke Murphy's latest update for Blasted by Adversity: The Making of a Wounded Warrior

Feb 4, 2015

Hi, again -

We just crossed a new milestone: passing the publisher edit stage of the book. That means we’re still on schedule to have it “in hand” around mid May. In other good news, quantity orders are coming in. AIG just ordered 575 books for their leadership! 

 In keeping with our commitment to you, our “backers," here’s another excerpt (freshly edited). 

Book excerpt #2: My Heisman Moment

My platoon wasn’t back from the range, so I went to chow hall alone. I passed a drill sergeant marching a mixed bag of Army artillery guys and Marine artillery guys. “Left, left, left…” and then, “Halt!” I could feel him sizing me up, this little punk, alone, no patch on my arm. Just a dumb fish out there flopping, about to get eaten. He came right up to my face, "Where are you supposed to be?" I answered in one breath, "Drill Sergeant, I-shot-40-out-of-40-on-the-range-yesterday-and-they-gave-me the-day-off." He looked at me and laughed. "Well, hot damn, hawkeye. Carry on." I did an about face and decided, I am going back to my freaking room and I’m gonna wait. I’m not risking getting eaten again. At least I had answered the question right for a change. 

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