Luke Murphy's latest update for Blasted by Adversity: The Making of a Wounded Warrior

Nov 11, 2014

(From Julie, Luke's co-author) I just wanted to share an unsolicited message from the editor for Luke Murphy’s story: "…My post office wasclosed and I was doing errands in another town so I went to their post office,which was jammed with people and I had to wait in a long line and I was annoyedand then I realized why the line was so long—it’s because today is Veterans’Day and postal services are closed—so I thought of Luke and ceased to resentwaiting in line. And because I was fairly fresh from reading his account ofwhat it’s like, that time between losing your limb and all the brave-frontstuff that people back home see—we see them happily walking and running onprosthetic limbs, and we don’t have to “know” what goes on first, how long andpainful—I felt as though Luke had given me, as a citizen of a country, somenecessary knowledge about the scope and actuality of that injury-to-healingprocess. And it’s our obligation to be aware of these things, so that we do notconsent easily to wars and conflicts, so that we understand what the countryasks of these people, so that we take some responsibility as citizens of thistime and place when our leaders send them far away."

Friends, you believed in Luke Murphy's story when we launched the proposal on 9/11.  But we're still way short on our fundraising goal! On this Veteran's Day, please consider sharing the link via email or Facebook, and help give a voice to this new generation of wounded service members. THANK YOU.  - Julie Strauss Bettinger