Michael Haase
THIS. All of it. As an ER nurse, I know the dark and twisted humor that is a necessity to maintain sanity in the world of emergency medicine. I've thought about doing a book like this for years, but now I know I shouldn't. Landon's all over it, and doing it better than I ever could have. This book needs to be fully funded. I salute you, sir. Well done!
James A. Conan
Intense stuff. On point technically, and (being new here) the first excerpt I've read that made me laugh out loud.
Sharyl Friend Pavlisko
Love it! Love it! It's all I LOVE in one story! Suspense, but humorously so! Love the dialogue and narration of main character! I've only read two chaps, so I'm assuming main character. Excitingly dramatic! I highly recommend you all check this out!
Jason Pomerance
This is excellent.  Can't wait for more.
Robert Kosinar
In reading this passage  of Black Cloud I felt I was at the scene .I felt the tension. I hope the  rest of the book is as good 
M. Robert Randolph
Had me at Fuck a duck. Own and am a fan of Monkey Business, so looking forward to this author's follow-up!
Kyle T. Cowan
Very funny, very suspenseful, and very fun. I recommend you check this one out!
Peter Ryan
Black Cloud made me laugh and wince from the get go. This is funny, funny stuff. Pre-order it so we can all see how it ends!!
Tony Valdez
This. Is. AWESOME. The tightly paced, hilariously frank thoughts of an EMT through his day-to-day on the job. The samples shown so far would fit right in with some of the best episodes of Rescue Me (loved that show), and I cannot wait to read more!
Tommy Timbs
Can't wait to read more! Your work is amazing!