Walter Samuelson
Very quickly immerses you into the surreal world. Always a good sign of a master descriptive author when you can taste and even smell the experience
Allison Basile
Mr. Valiquette's prose is impressively vivid and muscular. It evokes a visceral response from the reader, who happily immerses herself in the story's complex ecosystem of haunting characters.
Louise Lindell
The imagery and storytelling have me hooked. Leo has restored my faith and hope in Fantasy!
Matt Farley
I don’t typically seek out fantasy novels but Leo’s ability to paint a scene with crisp descriptions kept me reading. Eager to learn more about these characters and the world they inhabit.
Michael Hammond
I have not read much fantasy but the first part of this book is so well written and the story so gripping, it has me hooked.
Gerald L. Kerr-Wilson
Anyone who likes the works of Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson, Patrick Rothfuss and Brent Weeks will love this. Great characters and an engaging narrative hook.
Peter Bonyhati
Although fantasy as a genre is not quite my cup of tea, Leo's style impressed me with its very fast pace and the way keeps the attention of the reader locked. The imagery is very lively and easy to get lost in - in a very good way.
Sean T. Craig Sr.
BoAT takes me back to high school when I was reading the likes of Raymond E. Feist, Fred Saberhagen and Terry Brooks. I have been away from this genre for too long.
Kara Ash
BOAT caught my interest due to the complex world and intriguing characters. Leo Valiquette has a skillful way with words that easily captures the reader and brings alive the story. I look forward to seeing the journey and growth of these characters!
Brynn Yoder
BOAT has a vast intricately woven world that draws a reader in, wanting to know every minute detail.