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Looking forward to one day getting the opportunity to read this story!

Hey everyone! 

So the Nerdist Contest is over, and I’m sorry to say that Artificial Generation was not among top 3, so it won’t be published this way. 
Then again, I am over the moon for being among top 10 in this contest, and want to thank all of you for that. It would not have been possible without your help and support. It meant, and mean, a lot to me still. Thank you from the bottom of my being. 

So what happens now? 

Well, originally I had planned to go through with the campaign and try to publish the book through Quill or even a full funding, but life gets in the way. 
Because of some personal issues, I have decided to end the campaign now - if Inkshares will let me - and not publish Artificial Generation just yet. 
The book is finished, and I do plan to publish it in the future, but it will not be withing the next months. I do hope you will still be interested when this happens, and I will keep you all updated! 

Again, thank you so, so much for your help and support!
And congratulations to the 3 winners!


Contest update time!

Hey guys! 
So the Nerdist contest is over in just a few days, and it’s been some exciting weeks until now. It all ends this coming weekend! 
’’Artificial Generation’’ has, because of you, managed to stay among top 10 since it got there! That is amazing! Especially now, as there are 170 contestants. But this weekend we fell to 8th place. We’ve managed to claw our way up to a shared 6th, but that is not among the top 3, and we need to be among top 3 to win this contest. We are so close!
So to those of you still just following, now is the time to place your order. To those of you already ordered, please share the story with friends and family. Every order counts at this point! 

’’Artificial Generation’’ is a book about opposites, diversity, self growth and understanding! 
This story is more important than ever in this day and age.
Help me get it out there by pre-ordering. 

Hope you had a great weekend! 
Cheers, Anniken

Hey guys! 
There are now less than two weeks left of the Nerdist contest! ’’Artificial Generation’’ has managed to stay among the top 10 for some time now, thanks to you amazing people having already pre-ordered! 
But only top 3 will get the publishing deal, and we are so close! As it is now we are in 5th place, having been passed in the night. There are a lot of strong stories in this contest, and so every order counts! 
To you following, please help me get to top 3 by ordering, just press the green button bellow. 
To you having already ordered, please share the link to ’’Artificial Generation’’ to friend and family, asking them to order as well. 
We are so close! 
Hope you’ve all had a great weekend! 
Cheers, Anniken  

Last beta-reader feedback came in last night! And it was great! Some small stuff to work with, but not much, meaning I’ll do one or two editing rounds of the script this month (depending on, the amount of rewrites and adding based on the beta reads) and then it is ready for publishing! 

We are still among top 5 in The Nerdist contest as well, not far behind 3rd place! 
There are now 20 days until the contest ends, and if we are among top 3 at that time, ’’Artificial Generation’’ will be so much faster to get published! 
So if you are just following, please consider leaving a pre-order before the 24th to help me get the story out there. 

Have a great week, all! 

Hi guys! 
It’s the first day of a new month, meaning new possibilities! 

For those that may not know yet, ’’Artificial Generation’’ is now funding! 
So far we’ve sold 35 copies!
’’Artificial Generation’’ is also part of the current Nerdist contest. Meaning that if we managed to get the book up among top 3 before it ends, it will get published so much faster! We’re currently in 6th place with 31 individual sales, while both 2nd and 3rd place have 34 sales, so we aren’t that far behind! 
So those of you that are still following, I would be really grateful if you places a pre-order and helped me get this story out to the world!

To those of you that has already ordered, thank you so, so much! 
You have no idea how much your support means to me. 
Thank you! 

Hope you all survive the last day of the week, and have an amazing weekend! 
Cheers, Anniken

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I’m not sure how to post a review in the Reviews section - my text got cut off - so I try here:

I enjoyed Artificial Generation a lot. I will not spoil the content, but you may look forward to an interesting post-apocalyptic vault-dweller-esque tale, where the protagonist’s society live in domes to protect themselves from a virus outbreak that have left them the only survivors on Earth. Or so they think. It is a society quite a bit more pleasant than the silos of Howey’s Wool, but life still isn’t a picnic - especially when fertility rates are dropping and the extinction of the human race is looming in the future. The book’s title, Artificial Generation, is the name of the dome-dwellers’ solution: a generation of genetically engineered humans, whose eggs and sperm are the hope of the future. Our female protagonist is part of this group, and struggles with how to deal with the expectations her society have laid upon her. Still, all this pales when it turns out the dome dwellers aren’t as alone as they think...

All in all, a fun and interesting read, with a strong female lead. If this sounds like your cup of tea, you should definitely get the book. :)

Disclaimer: I was a volunteer test reader for this book, and has read a previous version. I would also like to state that my opinions are not biased by any personal ties to the Author.

Good morning, everyone! 

Just wanted to let you all know that ’’Artificial Generation’’ is now up for pre-orders! 
I’m kind of freaking out over here, but also looking forward to see where this is going! 

And with that I wish you all an amazing day and rest of the week! 
I’m going to go freak out somewhere else! 


I may have been a bit trigger happy when I sent out yesterdays update. Sorry about that.
This draft will continue existing, hopefully being added to the Nerdist Contest soon by the help of the awesome people here at Inkshares. 

I have to admit I was kind of stressed about it all yesterday, for suddenly it was all so real. Adding this book to the contest, and opening for pre-orderes... Suddenly I have to go out there and ask for pre-orders and everything! But fingers crossed, and again, thank you for following the draft in the early stages! 

Third betareader feedback just in, and this from a man working as a screenwriter and editor!
He was mostly happy with the book, but he’s one of those guys asking himself questions, which is just what I want in a betareader! He asked me a few things I’ve thought of myself, and more things I haven’t thought of - or thought as much about.
Meaning combined with the two first betareaders feedback, I’m starting to get a little collection fo things to do with the script.
Still waiting for the last 3 feedbacks, and actually looking forward to them!

Until then I’m working on writing novellas in English, hoping to keep getting better at the language.
Have to admit that I’m itching to start work on Artificial Generation again, but patiance is a virtue

Hope you all have an amazin spring so far!