Anniken Haga's latest update for Artificial Generation

Jun 12, 2017

Hey guys! 
There are now less than two weeks left of the Nerdist contest! ’’Artificial Generation’’ has managed to stay among the top 10 for some time now, thanks to you amazing people having already pre-ordered! 
But only top 3 will get the publishing deal, and we are so close! As it is now we are in 5th place, having been passed in the night. There are a lot of strong stories in this contest, and so every order counts! 
To you following, please help me get to top 3 by ordering, just press the green button bellow. 
To you having already ordered, please share the link to ’’Artificial Generation’’ to friend and family, asking them to order as well. 
We are so close! 
Hope you’ve all had a great weekend! 
Cheers, Anniken