Anniken Haga's latest update for Artificial Generation

Apr 26, 2017

Third betareader feedback just in, and this from a man working as a screenwriter and editor!
He was mostly happy with the book, but he’s one of those guys asking himself questions, which is just what I want in a betareader! He asked me a few things I’ve thought of myself, and more things I haven’t thought of - or thought as much about.
Meaning combined with the two first betareaders feedback, I’m starting to get a little collection fo things to do with the script.
Still waiting for the last 3 feedbacks, and actually looking forward to them!

Until then I’m working on writing novellas in English, hoping to keep getting better at the language.
Have to admit that I’m itching to start work on Artificial Generation again, but patiance is a virtue

Hope you all have an amazin spring so far!