Thomas J. Arnold
With a style that immediately hooks you, this is a book well worth your time.
Strong as Stone
Don't quit! Keep going!!!!
Stuart Calvin Lord
Looks like a great book!
Monica L. Patton
I am a mother to a gamer tween and reading this was like a peak into my life. I love the humor and the vividness when describing the game. Gamer or not, Are You Sure You Want to Quit is plain good old-fashioned storytelling!
Something a little bit different. Worth reading.
Elena Stofle
OMG I love this! Cover art pulled me in and the great writing made me pre-order!
Duncan Rafferty
Regarding the first excerpt. Alisa King manages to turn the simple act of sitting and playing a video game into something accessible and exciting. While conveying a charming protagonist.
Maksym Bobrovskyy
Great new book!
Stephen Carignan
In the realm of video games, having a female protagonist with a burly level 70 dwarf is a great introduction to this character. I thought the description of this character physically playing the game was a nice touch to create both worlds. In the small snippet of the work we are privileged to, there is a real sense of the person we will follow, presumably. I look forward to reading more.
Stephen Carignan
As I'm sure many people know, I am very stingy with my recommendations. So, trust when I say you will not regret pre-ordering this book.