Lena (Helena and Malena)
APEX is a fascinating and thrilling horror novel about science gone wrong in such a vivid, wild, believable way. I love Munro's writing style, the blend of realism and what-if that characterizes the best science fiction. Fans of Jurrasic Park take note!
Carolyn Munro
Deborah Munro is a fearless author, unapologetically moves her reader through suspense and horror. Her rhythm and diction through intelligent terms and real science immerses the reader in a inhabitable world. I highly recommend this book.
Rod McLaughlin
The author has shared the first chapter of this upcoming book, and it's an terrific scene-setter, very much much in a Coons or Crichton vein.  That's a compliment.  The ecological and wildlife management issues should be familiar to Oregonians, especially those of us who have resided in rural areas, and it's intriguing to see them incorporated into a fictional scenario, one that promises to expand into something exciting and dangerous.  Looking forward to more!
Jane-Holly Meissner
APEX feels a little like a Michael Critchon book - a smartly written thriller about when genetic engineering goes wrong. Can't wait to read more!
Fernando Crôtte
Deborah writes with the authority that comes from her education and experience in biomedical science, and with the passion from her obvious love of sic-fi and horror. This is special!
J. Graham-Jones
A smart, tense horror that reads like a Hollywood blockbuster in the making.
Regina McMenomy, Ph.D.
This one takes place in my hood... ok in my state of residence at least! Love sci-fi by scientists!
John Dennehy
The best works of fiction are ones that comment on what's happening in the real world. APEX does just that. It looks like a fantastic read, do check it out today.
M. Robert Randolph
Reminds me of The X-Files. Horror mixed with hard-science. Check this one out!
Christopher Lee
Munro's Apex revives the thrill of science and genetics gone horribly wrong, harkening back to the genius of Crichton. If you fancy a thriller jam-packed with suspense then Apex is your kind of read. The characters are authentic and feel grounded in reality as the world around them goes completely mad. Munro has crafted a winner!