Hi all,

This is going to be my last update through Inkshares.

We have now setup secure checkout with PayPal to re-process your Orders, on my own website.
The book will be published this summer by Blue Poppy Publishing here in the UK. And if you can show faith by re-ordering I would be thrilled.
Btw - there is also a new option for a Hardcover! 


Thanks all for the staggering support I’ve received overnight.

Hi all,

I’ve meant to send an update later this weekend, but I’ve been getting many messages from people that their orders are being refunded.

It is true that "And the Wolf Shall Dwell" will not be published under Inkshares and that the book has found a different way to publish, from England. However, it was my understanding that Inkshares would send my solicitor the accumulated funds in order to meet all your orders. 
At the moment it seems like the orders are getting refunded instead. My solicitor is trying to get in touch with Adam, Inkshares’ CEO to understand more.

I will update in due course, at the moment I am at the dark just like you are. Thanks.

Hi Folks,
Here’s a quick read for y’all. Please check out my Author INterview @ Alastair Luft’s fantastic blog in the following link:


Alastair is an author who successfully crowdfunded his novel "The Battle Within", an intriguing psychological thriller which takes place within the ranks of the Canadian Armed Forces (in which Alastair serves himself). Please check it out, it’s currently in production and will see the light of day in June 2017.

Nice weekend !

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@Anna Jane Knight Thank you Anna Dear - wishing you the same !! Thanks for commenting! 
Picture Anna Jane Knight · Reader · added almost 6 years ago
Thanks for the update Jonathan. Had been wondering about progress & publication but knew you would be on top of it & we would hear when there was something to hear.  Wishing you & your family well. Happy autumn!

Hi All,

Long time! Many of you were wondering when the book is out, and I have been getting a lot of queries regarding. Well, the truth is that I don’t really know. Inkshares has been going through a lot of managerial changes, and structure reforms, and at the moment this means that the Wolf’s publication date is pushed back sadly only to mid next year.

On my end, I have submitted the manuscript as required, and armed with patience I’m waiting for the girls in the production department (Avalon and Angela) to assign me an editor and get the ball rolling. So keep being patient -Inkshares is doing their best in these hectic times for the company, and we can just wish them luck and stay put!

On a different note, as part of the management changes - Inkshares decided that a lot of recurring credit orders have caused the company financial harm and are thus cancelling them across the board. Sadly, as everything in life that is done on a massive scale (this is across the website and not just to this project) - more than a few cash orders have been effected too - I’ve got numerous queries for credit cards being refunded. 
I understand this is frustrating to some of you but Thad the company’s CPO and co founder explained to me personally this is vital for Inkshares’ sustainability.

Do me a favour, though the campaign is long over, and this won’t effect the production of the book, if you got a refunded order please either email me or inkshares or simply get in to your account to make sure your order is still alive.

Meanwhile, hold on patiently and keep recommending the book to your friends. THANKS! 

Picture Anna Jane Knight · Reader · added almost 6 years ago
Well done my young friend!

Hi all,

A while ago I have made a campaign pledge to Norwood UK Charity: 2£ or 3.5$ (that equation was right before Brexit which resulted in the pound dropping in value -lol) from every order using a special referral account I have opened for them. 
I have kept the pledge for every order I got on the course of July (once the campaign was over).

Norwood UK is a leading Jewish charity supporting vulnerable children, families and people with learning disabilities. It costs £35 million a year for Norwood to provide their community services and it must raise £12 million from voluntary donations.
Norwood strives to ensure that everyone can live the life they choose, irrespective of their ability. They  provide professional help in a warm and caring environment, supporting people to be as independent as possible.
Their Family Services include children and family support, social work, an inclusive nursery, and special educational needs, while their Learning Disability Services include education, after school clubs & holiday schemes, transition, supported living, residential care, lifelong learning and health and well-being.
I wanted to thank Simon Walton, my close friend, for introducing me to this wonderful charity.

So here’s the math: 27 orders have been made using Norwood’s special referral, on top of that I got 5 orders after the campaign was over. 32 order * 3.5$ (let’s keep the dollar amount, it’s better for them) = 112$...
I expected more , so decided it is fair to double this amount to 224$, which is in today’s exchange = 140£ donation to Norwood (which is worth 175£ as I let them keep the giftaid tax relief).

That was done thank to you and your help - but if you want to learn or donate more - please please visit Norwood here.

As for "the Wolf" - I have submitted the manuscript nearly a month ago, after frivolous help from my wife and friend Micha Knopf to make sure all is proofread... I have submitted a creative brief on the same occasion and I am waiting to hear back from Angela our talented Marketing Manager & Girl Friday Production as to the editorial progress. Will keep you posted!


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@S.E. Soldwedel Many thanks Steve! 
Img 20161021 143353 S.E. Soldwedel · Author · added almost 6 years ago
Congratulations, Joni.

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