Jim McDoniel's latest update for An Unattractive Vampire

Jul 18, 2016

Greetings All,

So it’s been awhile since last I updated, but it’s also been a hectic mess of conventions, deadlines, and submissions so...there.

CONvergence was great. All 250 ribbons I made were handed out. One of my fancy shmancy posters was vandal-eyesed, so clearly I made it. I played D&D for the first time and lots of people asked about my book (spurred on by said fancy shmancy posters.) All in all, it was a huge success.

But the BIG NEWS is: (Trumpet sound) An Unattractive Vampire is now available for preorder on Audible!  It will be released officially on August 23rd. So, if you need a bit of reading for when you’re stuck in traffic or catching Pokemon, you can listen to the sultry British tones of narrator Drew Campbell read my book to you. (Did I mention sultry British tones?)

Other news:

After eight seasons, Our Fair City just had the final read-through...EVER!   Oh the wonder and glory of watching actors squirm over their character’s fates. The power. THE POWER! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! If you want to catch up before the end, including checking out the current season head over to iTunes or visit www.ourfaircity.com.

Also, for those writers amongst you, the submission deadline for Deathscribe 2016 is quickly approaching. Scripts must be in by July 31st. So, if you’ve a scary story to tell (in radio play format), then throw it on some paper (digital paper) and send it to Chicago! (via e-mail)