Jim McDoniel's latest update for An Unattractive Vampire

Feb 21, 2017

Hey there Adventureketeers!

A quick update before I delve back into the depths of grad schooliness to let you know that An Unattractive Vampire is Audible’s Daily Deal. For the rest of today (Tuesday February 21st) (2017) The Unattractive Audiobook is only $3.95. Why that’s less than $4.95! (I think...I’m in school for writing, not math.) That’s an entire book--hours of entertainment--for less money than three songs on iTunes. Just the thing for road trips down desolate, lonely roads whose secrets are buried deep from all but the unluckiest outsiders. Nothing says "ignore the feeling that the woods/desert/endless void is watching you with a vampire comedy read by a soothing British voice. 

"PUT IT IN YOUR EARS!" ~ G. Derek Adams, author of Asteroid Made of Dragons