Matthew Gladwin's latest update for Amalgamated Memoirs of a Future Imperfect

May 7, 2016

Well, the strawpoll seems like a bust. I guess it wasn’t placed high enough in the update. oh well.

with only 1 vote each, I made a decision between Yuri and Yan, and in the end, chose to post Yuri first and then Yan later. There’s a lot of in-universe terminology in that chapter, words I had to make up and won’t make sense without context. But since it’s a first person perspective, he’d have been living with those terms all his life and would have no need to explain them to himself. So while it might be a bit confusing, I trust the readers to be able to work things out on their own. I’ve always enjoyed a book where I didn’t have to be spoonfed information, and so I hope you all will too.

just in case you don’t know what those coordinates are, its longitude and latitude. Those only appear in Yuri’s chapters, mainly as a way to convey the shift in cultural norms.

anyways, I’ll send out Yan’s chapter on Monday, and again, please spread the word on this book if you enjoy it. feel free to leave comments as well!