A. White
Some books I want to see published so that I can someday read the fullness of the story and this is one of those books.
Lynn J Alford
An interesting story begins to unfold.
J. Graham-Jones
Beginning with a flurry of intense action, Acolyte of the Everstream promises a story of action with a pair of heroes who are still finding their footing and learning to master the magical power within.
Mark A. Mix
Love the way magic is presented in this story!  I am a huge fan of magic in fantasy stories in general, but they way yours is presented allows me to really imagine it as something 'real.'  Would love another chapter!
Joseph Keeler
Ive been trying to look at ALOT of books on here as much as possible, most of them are not that great. But this book has me hooked just from the title alone (which is badass)