Gary Whitta's latest update for Abomination

Jul 13, 2015

Hello all!

Well by now most if not all of you should have received your physical copies of Abomination in the mail. If you don't have yours yet, it should be any day now! I just got back from San Diego Comic-Con where, with the help of the Inkshares crew, I signed a LOT of copies of the book and hopefully helped to spread the word a little bit.

So yeah, by now I hope a bunch of you are enjoying the book. I've been hearing from many of you via Twitter, and that's a great way to send me your thoughts, I'll retweet the best ones I receive. Pictures are always great to see! My Twitter handle is @garywhitta

Oh, and PLEASE PLEASE do leave a review/rating on Amazon and/or Goodreads if you like the book, that's really crucial in helping spread the word. So far we have a 96% positive rating on Goodreads, but there's always room for improvement! :-)

Abomination's page on Amazon is here.

Abomination's page on Goodreads is here.