Gary Whitta's latest update for Abomination

Jul 29, 2015


The day has finally arrived! Abomination is officially published! That might seem like something of a non-event to those of you who backed the book because you've already had your copies for a while, but for everyone else -- me especially -- this is a very big deal!

Abomination is now available on Amazon, iBooks, Google Play and in bookstores like Barnes & Noble, Powells and Books Inc. IT'S A REAL BOOK AND IT IS ALL THANKS TO YOU. To everyone who backed the project and made this possible, I can never thank you enough. I want to kiss all of you on the face. 

Early reaction to the book has been phenomenal with a number of terrific reviews and amazing feedback from early readers. 95% of readers on Goodreads like the book, that's insane! And 83% of our Amazon reviews are 5-star! That's also insane! If you haven't yet, please do take a moment to leave a rating and/or short review on Goodreads and Amazon, it really does help. I would love love LOVE to write another book, and how this first one does will really decide if I get to do that. 

Once again, thank you so much for bringing Abomination to life. KISSES FOREVER