Michael Melilli's latest update for 3point8

Oct 25, 2015

I know, it’s been a while since an update…life has been extra tough as of late as my wife and I continue to deal with the loss of our daughter. I’ve read that the real grief doesn’t hit till months later, after the shock has worn off, and that has absolutely been my experience. In fact, it’s hard to believe that Piper would have been 6 months old today. 

However, I teased on Facebook that I had some big news and I thought it only fair to share. 

3point8 is going to be published. 

You may have received an email last week about coming changes to how Inkshares works…it’s a bit complicated but they’re adding a light-publishing option for anyone who gets 250 copies pre-ordered…we’re currently at 272. 

So what is a light-publishing option? It means that every one of you who pre-ordered will receive a physical and an e-book copy of 3point8. It also means that the book will receive a light edit, an ISBN, and limited distribution (including physical and digital on Amazon.com). 

There’s one small catch…on October 30th, the price of pre-ordering a copy will increase to $20. Anyone who ordered before then will be grandfathered in at the $9.99 price…but if you don’t order before 10/30, it’s gonna cost you more…so order now! 

They’ve also changed their minimum requirement for full publishing…if we can get 750 copies pre-ordered we’ll get a full edit, complete publishing run (which includes the book being marketed in brick and mortar stores) and I’ll be sent out to Inkshares HQ to personally autograph every copy that is pre-ordered. So keep spreading the word! 

And if you want to support the project by ordering additional copies (which is a huge help) do so now to get it at only $9.99 a copy cause on 10/30 it’ll be $20. 

I think I’m still in a bit of disbelief about getting the book published…it hasn’t quite sunk in…but I can tell you that it wouldn’t have been possible without each and every one of you. Your support has made a huge difference in my life and I am unbelievably grateful for all of you.