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We work closely with authors to help them find and build communities of supporters. Interested in our platform? Have a great idea for a writing project? We'd love to hear about it.

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Our platform is designed for a diverse range of authors, from young journalists looking to build a career in investigative reporting, to established writers that want better alternatives to traditional publishing -- higher royalties, more freedom, and connection with their readers. We welcome a wide variety of projects, from long-form journalism to literary novels to mass-market genre novels to cookbooks.

Crowdfunding helps authors in several ways. First, crowdfunding creates buzz for new projects and builds a base of readers–advanced social and commercial validation–as the author already has an audience eager to see the finished work by the time they publish it. Second, crowdfunding allows authors to be paid upfront. Unlike self-publishing, writers don't bear the investment and risk of publication. Instead, crowdfunding allows authors to compensate themselves for the time and resources necessary to complete a work. Finally, crowdfunding creates an opportunity for early feedback about chapters, characters, or even the title of the book. This can help authors tailor their final work to their audience.

We help authors grow their readership through crowdfunding and handle all aspects of publishing to successfully funded projects by providing editorial, design, production, distribution. Our mission is to provide authors with access to the essential services of traditional publishing without requiring them to go through the traditional gatekeepers–agents and acquisitions editors–and instead allowing them to go directly to the decision-makers who matter: their readers.

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