Heard back from another betareader yesterday! Some other stuff to go on than the first, but all in all she had mostly good things to say, and what wasn’t good was mostly because of her own preferences.
There are some things to take into consideration, but I’m still waiting for my last 4 betareaders to get back to me before doing anything majore to the manuscript. At this rate I should have it up for pre-orderes in early summer!
Hoping you’ve all had an awesome easter.

So I got the first feedback from my betareaders today!
Patrik Sahlstrøm is the writer of the ’’Books of future darkness’’-series, and he’s been nice enough to do a betareading of Artificial Generation.
This is what he published on his authorpage:

’’Just finished a pilot-reading of a text by Anniken Haga, and I’m flabbergasted by how incredibly good it is. A true masterpiece! Of course it needs some very minor polishing, but the publishers should come running after Anniken when she’s ready to publish it. We’re talking Hugo and Nebuala award quality here! I wish I could write that well. I’ll of course let you folks know when it is available.’’

I got some more feedback ofcourse, and I can’t wait to get working on the text again!
Also, I have to admit I’m almost crying here from the feedback. Guess it’s time for breakfast then!

Hope you all had a nice weekend, and have a nice week!
And thank you for following me and my work already. You have no idea how much that means to me!
Thank you