Ipfxc3gz Hunter Red · Author · added 12 months ago
I’d like to send out a thank you to the six people who have followed It Was In A Coffee Shop on Inkshares, as well as the twenty-three who have followed my profile on the site.  My plan is to continue generating followers over the next few months as a part of a general campaign to generate buzz for my work before I get the pre-order process started.

I’d still like some feedback about the chapters I’ve posted so far, as well as what people think about my project in general.  Any substantive feedback will be appreciated.
Ipfxc3gz Hunter Red · Author · added about 1 year ago
I just added the fifth chapter to what I’ve already uploaded for It Was In A Coffee Shop.  Unless I’ve done my count wrong, I have thirty-six of these I can upload, but I probably won’t upload them all.

So, please, read it and let me know what you think.
Ipfxc3gz Hunter Red · Author · added about 1 year ago
Update update update update

Nothing much to update with.  Still fumbling around, trying to generate buzz for It Was In A Coffee Shop.  The project is done, as I’ve stated before, so I’ve started working on another.

I don’t want to take attention away from It Was In A Coffee Shop, but I am working on Crystalina.  This will have more of a defined genre, as opposed to the LGBTQ Romance that is It Was In A Coffee Shop.  Nothing much to say about Crystalina, as I am just beginning the outline.  Here’s hoping It Was In A Coffee Shop is a success on this platform so that I can bring Crystalina here.
Ipfxc3gz Hunter Red · Author · added about 1 year ago
Since It Was In A Coffee Shop is in a completed state, I thought I’d upload some more chapters in order to give people a feel of how the layout of the work will go.  The two characters will trade stories back and forth with short interstitials acting as a bridge between each short story.
I’d like to hear feedback about what people think about the layout, as well as the individual chapters themselves.

The first update.  What do I say about my current project.  I mean other than it’s done.  Yep, It Was In A Coffee Shop is in a completed stage, although I’d like to get some feedback from people pertaining to their opinions, what I should fiddle with, length, Brussels Sprouts, and my choice to use the Oxford Comma.

Mostly I’m just learning about this platform and how to use this system to generate the buzz I need in order to make my work the success I’ve yet to achieve on my own.  I know I will make mistakes that I need to learn from, if I haven’t started making those mistakes already, as well as learn the capabilities and limitations of this platform.  Yay!