Hello hello!

I promised frequent updates, and here’s the first of hopefully not too many. 

For you, a secret website that talks more about what I’m up to http://www.donnalitt.com/secret-mission (secret = available only through this URL, not in navigation) and the organizations I’m courting to support. (Eek! Very exciting!)

All feedback, questions, criticisms, comments, and unrelated anecdotes are welcome. If you take a peek, you’ll see that this is a community initiative, and the more community involvement the better. 


Dear readers & supporters: 

Thanks to you, I’m almost at 30% of my Quill goal!!!! *insanely happy dance* 


You can learn more about the story here: https://youtu.be/raE1OpHenZs

In the video I also talk about a bit about why I’m crowdfunding the publication of my first manuscript, and that is to help empower more people to become creators, while raising awareness & funds for organizations that believe the best innovation comes from the arts and sciences coming together.

In other words, my goal with this publication is to support local creators who have an appreciation of what the arts AND sciences have to offer!`

The way I can do this right now is by using my own creation (Where the Sun Sets) as an opportunity- to talk about my experience as a creator, and by using the funds generated to support partner local organizations.

Over the coming weeks you can expect to learn more about:
- The incredible organizations I’m partnering with & Why;
- How our (mine and yours) collective efforts are supporting each one;
- How these organizations will be supported in perpetuity (or at least, as long as book sales are a thing) by our efforts;
- And how you can get involved!

For all my design friends: If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing your work (your own illustrations or designs) on the cover of a published book, stay tuned for BOOK COVER CONTEST DETAILS!!!

Please stay tuned for updates   

Thank you for reading & as always, I welcome your feedback and comments.

- Donna