We did it! Witherfist has hit it’s light publishing goal! 

Yes - we’ve reached 250 preorders. This means that the book will be published as part of the Quill imprint on Inkshares. 

How? Yesterday, the Staff syndicate made Witherfist their pick for November, adding their preorders to the three (!!!) other syndicates who have supported Witherfist this month. The amount of support the book has received from the community this month is just astonishing, and I’m so grateful  Five syndicate badges are now displayed proudly on the books page.

What does all of this mean? 

Witherfist will be published - but right now it is still in ’funding’ and will be until 31st December. You can continue to preorder ebooks and signed paperbacks as often as you like - and in the confidence that you will get a book in exchange for your support. 

I’ll be continuing to send updates out throughout the funding period and beyond, to keep you posted on what’s happening. Once the funding period is over, I should hopefully be able to give you more details on when you can look forward to receiving your copy of Witherfist.

In the meanwhile... thank you all for your support!

If you haven’t already done so, please consider leaving a review and sharing the book with your friends!

~ Jenny

Hello, everyone! Hope you’re having a relaxing start to the weekend.

With 49 days to go, Witherfist has just hit the home stretch. 

The book has been fortunate enough to get some extra support and preorders this week from the Epic Fantasy and Rite of Passage syndicates. Both chose Witherfist as their November pick - thank you so much to everyone who recommended and voted, both in these syndicates and in others within the Inkshares community.

With over a month to go, and just 33 additional preorders needed, I’m confident that we can do this!

~ Jenny

Hello, all! Hope you’re having a fantastic weekend. It’s a gloomy Saturday here in the north of England - fantastic weather for getting stuck into a bit of writing! So far today, I’ve made just over 3,000 words of progress on Witherfist today, and will be looking to do the same tomorrow.

In terms of preorder stats, there isn’t much to update you on. Since the end of the contest, the number of new readers joining the campaign has been relatively small. Currently, it’s sitting at 195 copies ordered

There are now a whopping 241 of you following the book. To anyone who has yet to purchase their copy, please take a look at the sample chapters and consider making your preorder today. If you’re already ordered, I would be incredibly grateful if you could share your interest with this book with one of your friends or family members. We need to reach 250 preorders by December 31st to ensure that this book is published. 

I know that we can do this. Thanks for your support,

~ Jenny

8th place! I’m absolutely chuffed with that, dear readers. 

To have placed in the top 10 of a contest full of wonderful stories and equally wonderful authors is a real honour. 

Though Witherfist didn’t place high enough to win the contest, the book’s funding campaign continues. The funding period for Witherfist ends on December 31st, so I will be doing everything I can until that date to ensure that the book reaches at least 250 preorders. I would love to hit the full publication threshold of 750 preorders, but to reach that level, I’d need a lot of help from all of you fantastic people who make Inkshares such an incredible, supportive community. 

I hope to have a book trailer video to share with you soon, but in the meanwhile - please continue to share Witherfist with anyone that you think might be interested in preordering. 

~ Jenny

PS. There’s one other contest I haven’t fogotten about! I’ve contacted the two winners of the Amazon voucher giveaway and am just waiting on confirmation of their details, to send out the vouchers.

The contest is almost over! 

By 12pm PST / 7pm GMT the Geek & Sundry fantasy contest will be over. That means you have only a few more hours to get your signed paperback copy of Witherfist and support the book as it punches higher up the top 10.


As a little end of contest treat, here is the last in the current series of character portraits. It’s time for Empress Lian to make her grand entrance...

~ Jenny

The Geek & Sundry fantasy contest ends on November 1st. Eek! Though Witherfist is a good 100 readers shy of reaching the top 3 - and the prize of guaranteed full publication from Inkshares - I am so thrilled and humbled by the amount of support the book has received.  While the contest is active, I want to push the book as high as possible in the top 10.  At the time of writing, Witherfist is tantalisingly close to the number 7 spot in the top 10, thanks in part to all of the new readers who have joined the campaign this week.  

I shared in a previous update some work in progress art, and now I’m happy to present the finished piece. Here is Karaben the Imperial interogator in all her glory. 

~ Jenny

Just a small update on this chilly Tuesday evening. Three new readers threw their support behind Witherfist earlier today, putting us ever-closer to 7th place in the contest top 10.

It occurred to me this morning that I’ve yet to share on Inkshares the character art of Sunderei, the Imperial scribe who appears in the third excerpt on the Witherfist project page - so here he is! 

~ Jenny

Happy Monday, all! Guess what? We’re now at 152 copies, 132 readers.  This means Witherfist is now less than 100 copies away from Quill publication. I hope you’re excited about that as I am!

With new readers joining us, Witherfist has now taken the 8th spot in the Geek & Sundry top 10. There’s a narrow margin between myself and The Delicate Art of Soulripping’ - and ’Sorcery for Beginners’ is hot on both of our tails! Ahead, ’The Living God’ has a decent but not unshakeable hold on 7th place. I guess what I’m saying is - the final week of this contest is going to be exciting and every preorder now could mean the difference between shimmying up or sliding down the top 10. 

I had a great weekend at a local convention, giving out postcards and printed samples of Witherfist. I was one of only a few authors at the convention - the big draw of the day was the actor Jerome Flynn, who plays Bronn on Game of Thrones - but there were plenty of people interested in finding out more about the book and Inkshares in general. 

Here’s a picture of me, manning my little stall, wearing my Witherfist t-shirt. (Not pictured: my glamorous assistants or the unspeakable amount of Haribo that was consumed over the course of the two days at the convention.) 

 A couple of dozen people took my sample chapters (which were printed by the AwesomeMerchandise company, check them out if you’re in the UK!). Overall, it was a very enjoyable weekend and I’m hoping that many of the people I spoke to will be joining my list of followers and readers on Inkshares very soon. I think I might even have recruited a few would-be authors into joining the community. 

Thanks for reading and, as always, for your support!

~ Jenny

PS. Here’s a bonus work in progress bit of character art, this time of one of the book’s antagonists: Karaben. She is a peer and former ally of Irusai’s who has also made an ink pact with an ancient spirit. Unlike Irusai, whose tattoo is on her hand and arm, Karaben’s tattoo extends from her lower lip down over her throat and connects her to a crow spirit. I won’t tell you exactly what ’power’ she gains from the spirit she’s connected to, but I will say this: Karaben acts as a spy and interrogator of sorts for the Empress and the people she questions are often found as eyeless corpses.

Hello, everyone! It’s me, in your inbox. 

There’s an exciting fortnight ahead of us.

5 days until Witherfist’s first convention appearance. Yes, next weekend I’ll be out and about, trying to find more support for Witherfist at a local convention. I’ll have a lot more on this to share after the event - including pictures of me in a rather fetching Witherfist t-shirt but in the meanwhile, any good luck you can send my way would be most appreciated!

15 days until the Geek & Sundry Fantasy Contest ends. Witherfist is currently in 9th place, which is just incredible.  At the time of writing, the book is 5 readers away from 8th place. With just over 2 weeks to go, there’s not long left for you to place your preorder and make it count towards the contest results. 

15 days left to win one of two Amazon vouchers. The giveaway I’m running, for two Amazon vouchers - worth £25 and £10 respectively - is running for the duration of October. Each copy of the book you order, or refer someone else to order, counts as one entry to win one of these vouchers.

As always, thank you for your support.

~ Jenny

Witherfist is now in the Geek & Sundry contest top 10. This is a huge milestone, as it’s the first time since the beginning of the contest back in August that the book has broken into the top 10.  In a contest with over 380 entrants, it’s a real honour to be up there and in the company of so many other brilliant authors and their books.

How did this happen? Over this past weekend, Inkshares syndicates - groups of like-minded readers who band together to support books - began choosing their monthly picks. Witherfist was fortunate enough to be nominated and chosen by the members of the ’Break the Bechdel’ syndicate, whose support added a whopping 32 new preorders to the preorder total. A massive thank you goes to Tahani Nelson, author of The Last Faoii, for putting Witherfist forward and for all of the syndicate members who voted to make this possible.

What does that mean?  If you visit the contest page, you’ll  now see the Witherfist cover listed along with the rest of the top 10 entries. This will give the book extra visibility to contest visitors and, should it be fortunate enough to stay in the top 10, this ranking will remain frozen in place once the contest ends on November 1st.

Does this mean Witherfist will be published?  It certainly helps towards that goal! We are now 50% of the way to the 250 copies needed for publication and being in the top 10 puts Witherfist one step closer to the top 3 (who are all guaranteed a full publishing deal). Although the Geek & Sundry contest ends at the beginning of next month, Witherfist has until December 31st to reach the big 250.

We’re now halfway there. 

We can do this.

~ Jenny

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