The final cover art has been completed - thanks to everyone who voted or gave me feedback - YOU selected the cover!

Greetings! Things have been progressing well, the book is in the final editing stage and we are working on the cover art.

I'd like to get your opinion on some of the cover variations under consideration. Please visit the webpage and check out the four covers pictured there.

Send an email to or respond to this message and tell me which cover you like the most.

If any of you artistic types out there have suggestions to modify the layout or fonts etc. let me know that also.

And if anyone (with graphic art skills) wants the background image of "the alternate universe" to use to mock up some cover suggestions yourself, I will send it to you.

I only have six days before I have to settle on a final cover design, so keep that in mind!

Once again, I thank you all for supporting this project! We are on schedule for a late October release!

Years ago, I decided to get the book out this fall because November is the 100th anniversary of Einstein's general theory of relativity - his greatest work! That should help the publicity factor because the media will be looking for "fresh" Einstein angles and stories to cover. Donald Trump running for president also is great timing for a potential publicity angle.

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Great news everyone - Inkshares made Journey / SecretAgentMan a Staff Pick in the Historical Fiction category and featured it last week on the front page of the website.

That helped propel us in the final days of the campaign and the book is now 100% funded! We have a publishing contract! I'm shooting for a November, 2015 release date.

*** Many Thanks to every one of you for helping me make that happen! ***

No matter how many fans this book eventually garners, I'll be forever grateful to the core group of 82 people here who believed in this project enough to support it with hard earned dollars when it was nothing more than a dream and a long-shot to get published.

I've got lots more work to do now; finish the manuscript, work with my editor to get it in fine form and promote the heck out of it!

I will still need your help to make the release a success.

So it would be great if all of you continued to push the word of mouth and social media campaigns - let's try to juice up the pre-orders so that the bookstores, reviewers and the media takes notice!

The Customer Rewards Program is FOR REAL now! Five customers who pre-order this book WILL WIN a % of my author royalties just by convincing at least one person to order the book before the publication date! Five runner ups will get an acknowledgement of thanks in the book! So start your support chain or add another link to your chain if you can!

See the details at

Thanks again!

Mykl Walsh and Rich Saunders

p.s. If you haven't already, please friend / follow us on these accounts:

 I'm happy to announce that SecretAgentMan has reached 82% of its funding goal! Thanks so MUCH to all of YOU who made that happen! I'm so appreciative and humbled by the number of people who have expressed the desire to help me out with this.  

Today is Social Media Blitz Day! (or tomorrow if that's when you get this message)

I'm asking, (pleading) with everyone to Please post and Share the following link in one or all of your social media accounts; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or whatever else you social media fanatics do . . .

 . . . along with a ringing endorsement and / or a gentle armtwist if that's what it takes! You may wish to ask your friends to help you out in order to build your chain of support. Or just recommend the book to read or to order as a gift for their friends who love reading fiction.

 If we can keep the momentum going and generating pre-orders of the book it will WIN an Inkshares Publishing Contract!

 Now it's time for the final push to get to 100% before the Funding period runs out on Feb. 26!

So please pass the word around - some of you might even consider ordering extra copies to give as gifts. Whatever you can do is Very Much Appreciated!

With YOUR help, We CAN make this happen! 

Thanks again!
Rich Saunders

Go Pats! (prediction NE 38 Seattle 24)

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They key points to convey when a current backer is trying to interest someone else to pre-order and Help this project get published are:

1. The "wow factor" (IS HUGE!)

This book is a Publicity Departments dream! Once it is released and the publisher starts their publicity campaign, the media will love the fact that the book is infused with lots of highly-compelling publicity "hooks" and celebrity tie ins related to the author's "method-writing" technique.

By themselves these hooks are pretty interesting - but it's only when it dawns on the media that the same person (the author) orchestrated ALL of these stories (and many more) himself - that's when the global firestorm of publicity will finally ignite. (maybe, hopefully - that's the plan anyway)

The author has been cooking up and building these real-life connections to the novel for several decades. So tell people that they are in the small select minority and that right now only a handful of people know about this aspect of the book and that this "method-writing" connection is likely to explode in the media someday after the book is out.

2. The second selling point is that by pre-ordering the book, they will be helping you to build your chain - they'll be helping the author and they'll be helping the charities that the author will support if the book is successful.

3. The third key point is that the entry level cost to be part of the cool group that helped get this project launched and into the bookstores is only $21.00. 

One day, if this book becomes world-wide-famous - everyone who backed it or pre-ordered it on Inkshares before the release date can proudly tell how they were part of this story way back when only a small group of people knew about it and helped to get it published.

I hope that this plan of attack will inspire many of you to help me get the word out and Build Your Chains of Support!

I can't do THIS without YOUR HELP!

Kind regards,

The eternally grateful (to you),

Rich Saunders