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It has been a few weeks since my last communication with all of you wonderful people. As you know, The Lore of the Aos Sí did not reach its funding goal of 250 Orders by January 1st. Even though this was hard to swallow, I am not discouraged. Why? Because even though the book did not fund, my story and characters managed to wiggle their way inside the hearts and minds of many of you over the past year. That I take as a splendid sign that my work is promising and will eventually lead to a published product for many readers in the future. 

I want to thank each and every one of you who Pre-Ordered, spread the word, and aided me in my quest to publish this book through the Inkshares platform. It was a wonderful experience and I met and became friends with a great many talented and kind authors here. Although I will probably not be publishing the Lore of the Aos Sí here on I will still use the hub to communicate my progress on the book and the next stages. 

I have taken a few weeks off from writing to collect my thoughts and determine what will be the best way to proceed in the future. 

Once again I am deeply humbled by the support all of you have lent me over the past year. I hope that one day soon I can give you this story in its entirety. I am currently pursuing other avenues of publication and will keep all of my readers here posted. 

I wish everyone here a happy new year and I look forward to bringing you more content in the future. 

Blessed Be, 

Christopher Lee

The Tuatha Dé, House of Starlight

The Tuatha Dé, House of Starlight, are the preeminent race in the dominions of the antediluvian world. Commonly the Tuath Dé are referred to as the Fair FolkFairies, or Wingers. They hail from the Fomorian Valley of the realm of Tir na nÓg. The seat of their power resides in the capital city of Formene, otherwise known as the Eternal City. They are ruled by the High King Dagda Starlight, the first druid, who sits upon the Starlit Throne of the Summer Court, to which all races in the realm of Tír na nÓg pay tribute.

The Fair Folk are ageless, immune to most disease, and adept in the arcane arts. Though ageless the Tuatha Dé can be killed and it is said that only weapons that have been twisted by the dark fire can lay a mortal blow against them. They are a prideful, high-born race of people who see themselves as transcendent when compared to the other folk throughout the dominions, especially when it comes to the banal folk/exiled tribes of mankind. 

The Fair Folk were born of pure starlight to illuminate the darkness of the First Age. The Sigil of the House of Starlight is a three-pointed star, known to some as the triskele or triquetra which symbolizes the three aspects of the Great Goddess. 

As always if you have questions, please reach out. I adore engaging with my readers!


Christopher Lee

Hail Bards!

I am reaching out to let you know that the third draft of The Lore of the Aos Sí goes well! Things are coming together in a magical way, it has been so fun crafting this world and seeing my readers enjoy what I have put forward thus far. The Third Draft should be complete by the end of November and it is on to the final leg of the campaign. 

As of today, the book sits at 78 Pre-Orders, which means there is a great deal of work to do! There are 168 of you following this campaign if you have found the story interesting I am calling on you to click that shiny Pre-Order button today! 

If you have already Pre-Ordered and Joined the Order of the Bards, thank you so much. I am calling on you all to please make sure to share the book and spread the news. If everyone who has ordered could share the book with their circle and bring another person into the Order of the Bards the campaign will be in great shape. 

Now back to work for me, I have some very crucial work to complete in chapters six through nine today. 

Blessed Be

Hail Bards!

Tomorrow the Geek and Sundry Fantasy Contest Ends on Inkshares. Clearly, The Lore of the Aos Sí is not in a position to win the competition, but we are well on the way towards our ultimate goal of publication. 

Overall the novel did finish in 17th place out of 500+ Submissions into the contest! To me, that is a fantastic litmus test for the quality of this novel!

There are Two Months left in this campaign to fund the novel and in order to reach light publication The Lore of the Aos Sí needs 174 more backers to take the leap. 72 of you have backed the project already, meaning if each one of you brought at least one more person on board this month the project would be sitting at 144!

Can you talk to your friends and family about the novel this month? 

If you haven’t ordered your copy yet, Pre-Order Today and let’s start out November with a huge boost! 

Hail Bards!

So it begins! A fierce five days of Outlining and preparation for National Novel Writing Month!

The plan is to finish up the third draft of The Lore of the Aos Sí and then it’s on to the second draft of Electric Messiah. The usual goal is to write 50,000 words in the month of November. I am going to be shooting for around 120,000. It is an ambitious goal for sure, but writing 50,000 words seems like a weekly goal if one is well prepared and focused.

Coffee will be my greatest ally in this fight against the abyss of blank pages! I will need to summon a great cauldron full of the elixir of life if I am to conquer the deep dark abyss.

The Lore of the Aos Sí is available for Pre-Order on Inkshares through January 1st! IF You were planning on being a part of its publication there is no better time than the present! I must hit that magical 250 mark in order for this book to see proper publication.Just 174 more backers needed. November will be a big push and my goal is to be at least to the 200 mark by the end of November.

I need your opinion. I was thinking that as a perk for hitting #100 by the end of October, in addition to raffling off some prizes, I was thinking I might give you all a glimpse of the sequel in the form of an outline and some excerpts? What do you think? Let me know

Hail Bards!

I found this in a library in the Ancient Heights, somewhere beneath the earth and stone. It is incomplete compared to the scrolls within the Acropolis, but it does shed light on many key events in the realm of Tír na nÓg. 

The Golden Age

11500 BCE - The Peak of the Golden Age of Man the Eternal City of Formene is founded.
9500 BCE - The Goddess Rested
9000 BCE - Adam Breaks his Covenant
8000 BCE - The Acropolis is constructed
7500 BCE - The Goddess Wakes and Adam’s Rebellion begins. The Goddess forges The Fist and uses the Womb of Creation to give birth to the Fair Folk.
7000 BCE - Druid’s Oath is Constructed
6705 BCE - The Battle for the Eternal City takes place.  Adam is slain by Dagda.

The Silver Age

6700 BCE - The Reign of King Dagda Starlight Begins. Three millennia of relative peace ensue between man and the fair folk. The descendants of Adam that have not been captured flee to the farthest corners of the world not to be seen in Tír na nÓg for millennia.
6695 BCE - The Houses and Courts of the Conclave are established.
6694 BCE - The Aélfar settle in the Vale and begin the construction of Moon Grove
6680 BCE - The Jótun settle in the Shimmering Peaks, fortifying the ancient citadel of the Forbidden Crags.
6672 BCE - The Dweörg found the city of Zaragzar in the Ancient Heights
6300 BCE - The First Dorcha begins - Under the Rowan Moon Amyrannii is born.
6285 BCE - Under the Oak Moon Amyrannii is named to the Order of the Derwyddon
6200 BCE - The First Dorcha is ended. Amyrannii is the Hero and is named the ArchDruid of the Order
5500 BCE - The Dweörg encounter the Gnomos and the city of Faleris in passes of the Ancient Heights
5200 BCE - The Second Dorcha begins - Under the Holly Moon Bécuille is born.
5185 BCE - Under the Oak Moon Bécuille is named to the Order of the Derwyddon
5078 BCE - The Second Dorcha ends.
5040 BCE - The House Coldhorn and the Tarb’fear leave the borders of King Dagda’s Kingdom and sail for the Isle of Ice.
5000 BCE - The Dweörg finish construction of Stonehome and the Black Door.
4860 BCE - War between the Senarran Beast Riders of the Great Expanse and the Aélfar break out.
4600 BCE - The Third Dorcha begins - Under the Hawthorn Moon Mog Rioth is born.
4585 BCE - Under the Oak Moon Mog Rioth is named to the Order of the Derwyddon
4450 BCE - The Third Dorcha ends. Ballaton of the Seraephym lays the final blow to the spirit of Salos.
4252 BCE - The future Ensí of the Empyrean Cult of Sumer is born as Ubara-tutu in the land of Sumer.
3500 BCE - The Waverunners find a pathway leading from Tír na nÓg to Tír na Beo at Godwit’s Reach.  Birds from the other world have made their way to Tír na nÓg.
3450 BCE - Penitents Vow is settled. Humans form the religion of Penance for their sins. Millions flock to the new religion making the pilgrimage through the Ancient Heights and the Wailing Wastes of the Western Reaches. The Exodus to the Western Reaches causes more strife between mankind and the fair folk.
3260 BCE - Ensí Ubara-Tutu ascends to lead the Empyrean Cult of Tiamat in Sumer.  He convinces his followers to leave Sumer to reclaim the land of Adam.  They embark on a 40 year long voyage across the void, conquering and enslaving as they wander.
3100 BCE - The Empyrean Fleet is scuttled on the shores of the Sea of Mere along the Neck of the Vale. A skirmish ensues but the interloping humans are given safe harbor by King Dagda to settle on the other side of the River of Orlond. The Fourth Dorcha known as the silent darkness begins.
3098 BCE - Small numbers of the Aélfar begin to go missing
3063 BCE - The Iron King’s Rebellion begins
3062 BCE - The Iron King’s forces are defeated in the field at the Battle of the Broken Tower Winguric Ironwood is defeated and slain in a mine shaft.
3062 BCE - Under the Hazel Moon - Yaegar Ironwood is born to Winguric and Máire Ironwood. He is taken from Máire at birth.  She is believed to have been killed while resisting the Oak Watch who took Yaegar. Yaegar is given to a family in the East Quarter of Formene, he grows up in poverty and crime.
3055 BCE - Under a Willow Moon Renwick Waveborne is born somewhere on the waves of the Void.
3022 BCE - Under an Oak Moon, Morika the 23rd Incarnation of the Druid Priestess Pythia is born.
3020 BCE - House Stonehome begins purchasing enslaved humans to do labor within the mines beneath the Ancient Heights.  They delve too deep and open pathways to the Kobold Underworld. They keep the threat at bay and keep it secret from the other Houses of Tír na nÓg.
3018 BCE - Samsara : Under a Beech Moon, Phaero : Under a Blackthorn Moon, Arabella : Under a Rowan Moon, and Nastas : Under an Alder Moon are born.
3015 BCE - Settlements begin to disappear without a trace in the Shimmering Peaks. Most turn a blind eye.
3002 BCE - The events of The Lore of the Aos Sí 

Hail Bards!

As promised I have uploaded Chapter Two in its entirety because we crossed #75 Thanks to Mr. Michael Lagreca and we picked up #76 thanks to Mr. Evan Graham.

Per usual, your feedback, comments, and questions are welcome. Please take some time this weekend to tell a friend about The Lore of the Aos Sí, or share on social media!

If you are one of the followers who haven’t picked up a copy yet, let me remind everyone that once we get to #100 those who have pre-ordered will start to win prizes!

Have a Great Weekend!

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Hail Bards!

Just a quick update today, I am moving right along in draft number three! So far this edit has gone smoothly as I am already through to Chapter Four in just a couple of days. I can’t wait to show you all more of the story! 

Just a reminder once we hit #75 I’ll post Chapter Two! We are at#71 so it’ll be soon I am sure! Just means four of you need to click that shiny button!
I’ll post Chapter Three when we hit #90 and at #100 I’ll draw some winners in the Reader Giveaway/Raffle!

I hope the rest of your day is magical!

Blessed Be, 

Christopher Lee

Hail Bards! 

While going through some of the many notes that I have on The Lore of the Aos Sí, I came across a few dusty pieces of parchment, this particular piece contained lore of particular importance, lore concerning the Druids! I have not spoken about the druids much, but they are crucial to the story within the pages of the Lore of the Aos Sí. Enjoy!

Essay on the Order of the Derwyddon ᚛ᚇᚏᚗᚇ᚜ recorded by Ballaton First Spear of the Guardians and Leader of the Seraephym 4493 B.C.E.

In my recent travels, I have been accompanied by the druid Mog Rioth. We are tasked with determining the source of the famine that plagues the lands of Tír na nÓg. It has been many months now and on occasion I am able to engage the druid in conversation that does not directly relate to our charge. Most of my inquiry has centered on the Order of the Derwyddon, or the Druid Order. As their order does not practice the art of marking their stories to parchment, as is the tradition of my people, there is little known about their sacred ways, except that which you hear from their mouths directly. I have taken this opportunity to collect as much information on the secrets of the order from the mouth of one of their most elite.

If one is to understand the way of the druid, one must first examine how they are selected to join the order. This is of particular import due to the many statuses within their order, which can muddle the mind if not properly described. The order selects only one child per year to be raised in their mystical ways. One child of the goddess is named each year on Midsummer’s Eve at the end of the five-day MidSummer festival that honors the victory of the Goddess over Adam in the First Age. This final day of the festival usually coincides with the summer solstice, where the sun has reached its peak energy.

The child named is consecrated as a bard or an ovydd after they journey to their new home at the fortress of Druid’s Oath in the Far North. The bards memorize the sacred poetry and song of the Goddess singing and reciting her grace far and wide. While the ovydds study the arts of herbology and augury to become traveling healers and seers that bring prosperity to her children across many lands. The number of bards and ovydds that exist within the order is unknown, but my companion Mog Rioth believes that they number in only the hundreds.

On the final eve of the festival the named are called to the stone altar to say their vows and shed their blood, binding themselves to the Goddess.  In return for their vows, they are given the gift of song or the gift of sight. These powers are among some of the most powerful in the five dominions, which makes induction into the order a grand honor.

At indeterminate times, usually coinciding with the emergence of a Dorcha, the darkening of the lands of the five dominions, one of the named is inducted into the highest rank of the druids. In addition to their vows, the named undergoes a ritual known as the joining.

This ancient, sacred ceremony is of particular interest to me. This ceremony is much like the naming of a bard or an ovydd, but with one key difference. The named child binds his/her soul to the earth itself extending its life so long as the earth itself exists.  It is the same ceremony that the Fist of the Goddess underwent in the first age, although according to Mog Rioth, the Order of Five also called the Fist seem to be somewhat transcendent in comparison to others like himself.

After saying their vows, the named child drinks the “tears of the mother” a primordial elixir of the soul, gathered from the well of souls in the Temple of the Mother located in the Eternal City of Formene. Mog tells me that these tears are the same elixir that the Oracle uses to commune with the Goddess at every festival, as well as on a daily basis.  

These ‘tears’ retain the memories and essence of those who are to reborn unto the world. This places the named in a kind of trance. Each drop of the elixir contains an individual soul. Thus the named must sift through the thousands of voices in the trance and select a soul companion who acts as the druid’s link to the Goddess. In many ways this joining is akin to the phenomenon of possession. This can have an adverse effect on the named if a soul that is corrupted should take root. If a corrupted soul attaches to the named, he or she must be destroyed to prevent the awakening of Tiamat, the embodiment of chaos, destruction, and corruption that darkened the world in the First Age.

The number of these, the highest order of the druids, is a meager eight. They are so named, Dagda, Falbanach, Myrddin, Pythia, Morrighan, Amyranni, Bécuille, and Mog being the eighth to join the ranks of these, ageless, and indescribably powerful beings. I do not know whether to consider them demi-gods, or akin to the Goddess herself, their powers are extraordinary.

Much is still unknown to me, but I plan to record more of the Order’s sacred ways as I travel with Mog.

~Ballaton, First Spear of the Guardians and Leader of the House of Words

Hail Bards!

Yesterday was a good day for the Order! Five copies were ordered and two new readers joined up! Big thanks to Deborah Reid, Jaye Milius, and Kelly Cookson! I think we can keep that momentum, if you’ve already ordered, please share with a friend today. If a friend Pre-Orders remember you get TWO Tickets for the Raffle. 

Speaking of which, I forgot the coolest part of the raffle, I can’t believe I forgot it! I am in the process of hand crafting three wands in the manner of the ancient druids of Celtic Lore. These wands will be part of the raffle. I don’t have pictures yet, but I do have a picture of three that I have made before, so you can get an idea of what the wands might look like! 

Three Lucky Readers Will Receive One of These Wands! My design is based on the Three Aspects of The Goddess. The Maiden, The Mother, and The Crone. I will provide updates on the crafting process as well! 

Best way to up your chances is to share the The Lore of the Aos Sí with everyone! Get your friends and family to Join The Order of the Bards, Ovydds, and Druids! For every person you bring on you get TWO TICKETS! 

Have a great rest of the weekend! I think we can get to #80 today! What do you guys think?!

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