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Don’t give up on your book Chelsea, even if you don’t reach funding. There are other ways to see your dreams through. Self-publishing is hard, but you can always publish in e-book and sell those until you can afford to print! I’ve known many authors who did that. I also know of a company who will distribute the ebook to major sellers for you. 

All, thank you for your support. I just wanted to catch up on sharing some of the art for Frost that you could win a poster of if you end up being one of my top 10 supporters!

All, thank you for the support. Things have been progressing well! Here’s today’s illustration to encourage you to consider entering my top 10 contest!

Here is today’s illustration, and my personal favorite of the set! (Please let me know if it doesn’t show up, I’m having trouble getting images to go through today.)

All, thank you for the support. Things have been progressing well! Why? I have incentives for you!

The TOP 10 supporters who order the most copies of Frost to help me achieve this goal will each receive an 11" x 17" poster of one of the AMAZING Frost illustrations Kaytalin Platt has done! Take a look at these amazing options you have to choose from! I’ll be sending you illustration images every day this week.

Order and increase your chances of winning a poster while you still can!

I have some exciting news to share with you about Frost, guys!

1. I just rewrote Frost’s opening line after realizing that this novel needs a couple more chapters in the beginning so readers can get to know Lauren better before she ends up in Daraglathia.

Here’s my new first line, which I hope intrigues you a great deal. If it does, feel free to comment, and I’ll answer as many questions as I can without spoilers happening.

"My name is Lauren Frost, and as soon as I put this high school hell behind me, I plan to go looking for my best friend Noah who disappeared when we were five."

Please share what you think about this new first line with me!

2. I’m using Chris Fox’s 5,000 words per hour method to crank out the remaining couple of scenes in light of the changes I’m planning to make to the novel. This method is a life-changer for me. I’m cranking scenes out much more quickly since reading it, but they’re going to require a good bit of editing on the back end.

All, thank you for the support. We have 20 days left, and 195 copies to go. I was hoping for better results from the interview with The Hangin’ With Show, but I haven’t given up yet. If we can just get to within 20-30 copies of goal, my husband could buy enough copies to make this happen! So, if you’ve been following Frost but haven’t ordered your copy yet, I urge you to do so! I feel like this dream is slipping through my fingers, and I just can’t stand for that. I realize that I’m asking for a miracle, here, but the enormity of the situation is not going to stop me from asking for exactly that.

If you don’t have the cash to make a pre-order, please refer your friends who read to this project. For every successful referral from the Inkshares page, you can earn credits that could make it possible for you to purchase a copy of Frost without any actual cash leaving your bank account. We’re in the home stretch, and I need all the help I can get. I’m perfectly willing to exchange reviews and recommendations for pre-orders, too. If I had disposable income right now, I would be supporting my fellow authors by making mutual purchases of copies. Unfortunately, I’ve been unemployed since January, so I can only give you my time and my promotional efforts. 

Please don’t let the past ten years of hard work be in vain--help me make my dream come true and I promise I’ll do the same for you in return!

All, thank you for the support. Things have been progressing as well as they can under the circumstances. I had a kidney stone attack this week (my first ever), and I’ve spent the majority of the week being completely useless. I plan to spend today uploading as much as I have of Frost, as-is. (Resisting the urge to stop and edit is really difficult for me.) On the up side, there will be plenty of draft for you to feast your eyes on.

Since I have been unemployed since January of this year, I don’t have the disposable income to make many more mutual orders and also continue to pay my bills. I am, however, delighted to support my fellow authors in any other way I can, via recommendations, reviews, shares on social media, etc.

In other positive news, I expect my interview with The Hangin’ With Show to air on June 28, just 4 days from now! I’m praying that their reach will be the miracle I need to push Frost over the Quill goal.

Miracle? Yes, I really believe it’s going to take a miracle at this point to get 211 more pre-orders in the remaining 31 days this campaign has left. If you’re interested in seeing this novel published and haven’t ordered yet, I desperately encourage you to go ahead and make that leap of faith. If the campaign is unsuccessful, you’ve lost nothing and you get your money back. If, however, the campaign is successful, that will put me in a position to both pay my investors their percentages, and also to provide mutual support to other authors on Inkshares.

So, yeah, I’m asking for a miracle, but I promise that if this campaign is successful, I will find a way to return the favor to every single one of my followers.

Thanks and much love,

Chelsea Clemmons Moye

All, thank you for your support. I didn’t mean to go dark for quite so long. Things have been quite busy on my end, as I’m actively applying for jobs. I have been out of work since January, and since Frost is not available for sale yet, I’m struggling without an income of my own to help contribute to my marriage. If it weren’t for my wonderful parents and their unflagging support, as well as my lovely husband’s understanding, I’d have probably gone stark raving mad by now.

Anyway, on to more Frost-related news. I have been writing and editing in tandem, trying to make Frost the best story it can possibly be.

I think that my interview with The Hangin’ With Show went really well. I expect that interview to air on YouTube on June 28, and I’m hoping that will bring enough support to Frost to see it published. They have over 1,000 subscribers now, and if each one of them ordered a copy after seeing my interview, that would put me over the moon, and it would surely make Frost a resounding success. If you haven’t checked them out yet, you really should! They’ve got a great show, and they’re always looking for authors to interview! Please consider subscribing to their show.

That’s about it for now, but I’ll be updating again soon!

I have some amazing news for you guys! Not only am I being interviewed by G. W. Pomichter tonight for The Hangin’ With Show, but a couple of awesome things have happened today!

1. My hometown, the city of Bay Minette, Alabama, shared the news about my Inkshares campaign on their Facebook page today, and I quote: "Local author Chelsea Clemmons Moye is putting the finishing touches on her first novel “Frost: An Otherworld Tale” and needs our help to achieve publication. The lifelong Bay Minette resident is taking part in the Inkshares on-line campaign to see her novel published and needs approximately 200 more pre-orders to make that happen. You can pre-order the novel here: https://www.inkshares.com/books/frost-an-otherworld-tale.
Moye said Bay Minette is one of only three real-world locations to appear in the novel, which is a frame story. The story begins and ends in the real world and the middle world takes place in a fantasy location. Moye is a 2007 graduate of Baldwin County High School. She went on to graduate from Faulkner State Community College two years later and finished at Troy University in 2012. She is the daughter of Betty and David Clemmons. Mrs. Clemmons was a long-time English teacher at Baldwin County High School before her retirement." 

2. The update was written by one of our amazing local journalists, Tina Covington, who is also a proud resident of Bay Minette, Alabama.

3. The North Baldwin Chamber of Commerce also shared it on their Facebook page. I’m excited to see such overwheming support from my community, and I couldn’t be prouder to be living my life in Bay Minette.

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