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Enjoyed reading some of your stuff! Love your style and description. Congrats on getting published! I'm a fellow writer with hopes of doing the same one day ;)

Dear readers,

"Here comes the sun" as The Beatles sang in 1969. Summer is almost here and The Show  is currently in the copy editing phase. Writing the book has been an fantastic experience thanks to your support during the last couple of months. 

Vic Janoski, the main character of The Show has experienced a intense roller coaster, chapter by chapter during his life in San Francisco. A roller coaster on which you will have the front seat together with Vic when the book is in your hands.

Once the currently ongoing copy edits are done the book will go through a proof reading. When the text is neat and sweet the layout and cover design starts as we approach the finish line. The printers will then be ready to produce fresh copies of The Show for all of you thirsty readers. 

I really look forward to let you live The Show.

Stay tuned and have a wordy week!

All the best,


Dear readers,

Christmas times are here and I hope you are feeling fantastic. 

Just want to give you a quick update on "The Show", the novel you are about to read in the near future. I recently came back from San Francisco, where I met with my publisher Inkshares and chatted about the book and the process.

"The Show"  's developmental editor Harrison will start the editing process of the script first thing after New Years. What does a developmental editor do you might wonder? Well, basically takes a deep dive from above to look at the big picture such as the story, structure, characters and voice. Once that is done, Harrison and I will review it chapter by chapter together. 

To show you how a inspiring writing environment in California can look like, I have attached a picture. The downside was that there were no power outlets...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 


P.S. If you have some reading recommendations for the holidays, send them over!

 Big Sur River, California.

My dear amazing backers, 
Yesterday we hit the funding goal and reached a 100% funding, meaning that the book will get published! 
This would not have been possible without all of you and therefore I am extremely grateful for all the support. THANK YOU!

So what's next you might wonder?  I am writing the book and will have a meeting with the publisher (Inkshares) this week to discuss the timeline and publishing plan.
I will keep you posted on any updates!

Thank you all once again!

Hi all wonderful backers!
The crowdfunding is now at 56%, less than half way to go!
Thank you all once again for the support and please help spread the written word so we can reach 100% .

All the best,