Just uploaded a new version of the cover with updated font. ;)

Hey guys!
Chris and I delivered the final manuscript to Inkshares on October 20th and we’re just waiting to hear when they’ll be able to move into production. We’ve been diligently posting all of our fancy-dancy art on our Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/amaranth_chronicles/

And while you clicking our links check out this 3d view of the Storm Chaser cockpit! https://www.artstation.com/artwork/6Pzwn

Science Fiction isn’t about Spaceships or fancy Technology. Its about people and the effect the future has on them.

Hey guys! Sorry for the long gap of time since my last update on the actual book. Chris and I, along with the help of our Dev Editor, have been elbow deep in the manuscript to finish edits. The manuscript is nearly 75% finished with its Developmental Edit and then its shipped off to Inkshares for them to work their magic!

In the mean time check out our Instragram page for more of the Art you guys love so much!

OH BAAAYBEEEEEE! Storm Chaser’s fully Textured and ready to go!


Picture Alexander Barnes · Author · added about 7 years ago
Made with Maya but yeah that’s it in Unreal Engine 4. :)
Jamison stone headshot square 2021 Jamison Stone · Author · added about 7 years ago
Haha, awesome! Made with the Unreal engine I take it?

This is so Unreal...

My my... Whatever could she be doing???

Wanna see something really REALLY cool? Was going through an old file-cabinet over the weekend and found a bunch of materials from the early days of The Amaranth Chronicles. 

We originally started mapping out the story using flashcards and pinned them up to a wall in my college bedroom. This was all back in 2008. Take a look at those first 3 cards. Its really amazing to reflect on my life and all that’s happened since then but I am amazed at what didn’t change in all these years.

Check out the early sketches of the Stormchaser at the bottom. I did those nearly 11 years ago... Puts a tear in my eye...




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