Dsc 4986 1 C. Brennecke · Author · added about 7 years ago
My submission is 75% percent ready. You can expect it within the next month! :)
Elanprof sq Elan Samuel · Reader · added about 7 years ago
Off to the races we go! Thanks again for putting this together. Expect something from me in the next few weeks.
Twitter profile pic Richard Saunders · Author · added about 7 years ago
Weekly update:

New followers continue to trickle in, but at this slowed down rate, it is taking longer than we wish to reach 100.

We are closing in on 80 writers who are expressing interest in the project and that is enough to proceed to the next step.

At this point, we want to do more to encourage submissions. So we're starting a clock ticking as of  . . . right . . .  now!

Ready, set:

Send in your submissions and when we reach a point where we have enough acceptable material to fill the anthology (around 200 pages), we will stop the clock, declare the contest over and announce the winners!

This could happen without ever reaching 100 followers or setting a deadline. Snooze for a couple weeks and BOOM, it could be over.

So lets get cracking - use NanoWriMo or whatever motivates you to get your submission in sooner than later. This contest is still open ended, but the end could be declared at any time!

If you think you need more time and are afraid the anthology will be filled before you have something ready to submit, there is an option available for you - just get moving and and bring more writers into the group! 

Bring the follower count up to 100. That will trigger the original plan and set a hard deadline for submissions three months out from the day we get the 100th follower.

We just wanted to add a wrinkle that would keep the project alive AND moving forward whether or not we ever reach 100 followers.

You now have two options and two potential strategies to pursue:

1. Submit something soon and increase your odds of winning by having fewer writers to compete against.


2. Bring in enough followers to trigger a hard deadline and know that you will have a full three months to work on an entry.

(Insert cute animated gif here picturing Mykl and Richard tossing the ball onto your court)

Twitter profile pic Richard Saunders · Author · added over 7 years ago
Weekly Update! Hope you all had a great week and that your own projects are doing well!

We now have seventy one followers here and are well on our way to the magic number 100. Woo hoo!

I generated interest from over 50 writers to join this group and have challenged you all to help me push it to 100.

So far TEN of you wonderful people have recommended this project and helped us to grow the follower list to nearly 75% of our goal.

Who is next to step up and click the recommend button? There are potentially sixty one writers who (with a combined effort) could easily get us to where we want to be with the click of a button and a few encouraging words.

Please join John Robin, J Danielle Dorn, Janna Grace, C. Brennecke, A. C. Weston, Brien Shores, Thomas Arnold, M. D. Parker, Anna Gerrodette-Honda and James Maltby whose generous endorsements have been vital to keeping this Inkshares Idea near the top of the Idea slush pile!

Once we have 100 author followers who are interested in participating in this contest, we'll set a submission deadline AND move the Idea to the Draft Stage.

Ready, Set - Recommend!

Picture James Maltby · Author · added over 7 years ago
Great Idea. Follow, Follow, Follow!
Twitter profile pic Richard Saunders · Author · edited over 7 years ago
Last week's Call To Action resulted in three of you recommending this project to others and we gained Twelve more followers! 

Thank you THREE (you know who you are!)

Those recommendations work! Like I said, if each of us at this point brings in JUST ONE follower, we will double the number! So reach out, please:-)

Let's get to 100 so we can set the deadline and move this to the draft stage!

Twitter profile pic Richard Saunders · Author · edited over 7 years ago · 1 like
                                          This is a CALL TO ACTION!

Greetings fellow Inksharians! (I coined that word and am staking a claim on it, btw)

I also was the first person to call Inkshares "The Future of Publishing!" It's date stamped on their FB page - a couple weeks later the Wall Street Journal  apparently liked my post and they used it in an article. - so Inkshares now brags about WSJ using the phrase without attribution to first use - I'm ok with that because the record shows I said it first. WSJ has more promotional juice than I do anyway - I have near zero juice:-)

Enough about me, back to this contest . . . 

Entries have started to trickle in, but the addition of new followers has slowed down.

My efforts so far have succeeded in getting the attention of over 50 sci-fi or futuristic fantasy writers. I NEED your help in getting us to 100!

If I can personally drum up interest from over 50 authors, I KNOW that YOU (yes, you!) can recruit at least ONE more.

If each of you (on average) can bring just one writer into this group, then we can double our numbers and get to or exceed our initial goal of having 100 followers here.

Don't wait for the next guy or gal to do it - it's All About You! (I'm looking right at you, right now!) [special embedded code gives me that power]

Hitting that number will trigger two important things.

1. It will set a deadline for submissions (three months out from the day we hit 100).

2. We will move this from the Inkshares "Idea" stage to the Draft stage - which increases its visibility on the site.

So please reach out to your contacts in the sci-fi / futuristic fantasy writing world and dare them or challenge them to submit something.

Briefly explain what we hope to accomplish and give them a link to this page. 

Feel free to recruit outside of Inkshares and bring more writers to this platform - which will also bring in more readers if these writers have any sort of following themselves.

There were 300 something entries for the nerdist competition, so getting to 100 here should be soooo doable. The barriers to entry aren't as daunting either.

#1. You only need a short story, essay or poem, not a novel.

#2. We will probably have around 12 to 15 winners, not 5.

This is a Good Idea - don't let it die!


Richard Saunders
Twitter profile pic Richard Saunders · Author · edited almost 7 years ago
Hi Tabi - On the first comment at the bottom of this page, it says:

"When I say "related to my project Journey, A Short Story" it’s a loose relationship with a pretty wide open premise. 

Everyone is free to dream up their own version of what life on Earth In The Year 10,000 is like."

So it’s not "just futuristic", which could be 2150 - it should take place roughly 8,000 or so years in the future. But other than that, you have complete creative freedom and it is not even necessary to read Mykl’s short story. There is also no need per se, to state in your story what year it is - because that is already implied in the anthology title.

Fox mary poppins 35.1 Tabi Card · Author · added over 7 years ago
I'm a little confused as far as the subject matter. Does it have to be directly related to the events in the featured short, or is the subject matter just futuristic?
Twitter profile pic Richard Saunders · Author · edited over 7 years ago · 1 like
Yes, multiple submissions are allowed and you could potentially win in more than one category or have two accepted in the same category.

I'd caution against too many submitals though. Send in your highest quality work (that has not been previously published) - if we read two or three entries from the same person and they are below standard, we might decide to not read the third or fourth etc if we are swamped with entries. We will assume your first entry is what you view as your best work.
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