If you’re in the Edmonton area today, consider dropping by Variant Comics to get a your copy of Beyond the Code signed by yours truly. Follow the link for the specifics.

Hope to see you there

Kelsey Barthel

Greetings fantastic followers, 

It’s coming up on a month since Beyond the Code was officially released and I am on the hunt for reviews and I need your help. 

Anyone of my followers who reviews books on a website, podcast, blog, whatever it may be, I would be eternally grateful if you would consider Beyond the Code for a review. Please contact me by email, facebook messenger, Twitter, or Inkshares direct messenger and I will send you a digital or physical copy, whichever you prefer. or @BTCInkshares

And if you just have you’re fantastic self, please review Beyond the Code on Amazon, Goodreads, Inkshares, or Facebook. I am eager to find out what you think. 

Thank you all so much for following me so far. It’s been one hell of a ride. 

Kelsey Rae Barthel 

Today’s the day!! 

Yes, today is PUBLICATION DAY!!

That’s right. Now you can go into most major book stores and ask for Beyond the Code. You can go to Amazon and order it right now. It’s AVAILABLE!!!! The long wait it finally over! 

I am officially a published author and it feels amazing, but I’m not done yet. Now I have the task of making Beyond the Code a success and you can help. If you haven’t pre-ordered Beyond the Code, you can go to any major book like Indigo, Chapters, or Coles, and ask for Beyond the Code. If enough people show interest, they might think that Beyond the Code deserves a place on their shelves. Not only would that make it more accessible to people out of the loop, it would make a dream of mine a reality. 

If you already have a copy and you still want to help out in building the books success. You can go to,, or Goodreads and leave a review or rating to let me know what you thought. The more reviews Beyond the Code gets, especially through Amazon, the more exposure it will receive. Reviews are an authors best friend. 

Thank you all for following me clear to the finish line and I hope you love this little slice of my imagination. 

Kelsey Rae Barthel

More news for my wonderful follower! 

We have booked a launch event at Happy Harbour comics in Edmonton, Alberta on Feb 11/17 at 11 am till 3 pm. If you’re in the area, come by and see what it’s all about. It’s a bit early but soon I’ll post more information about Happy Harbour and the event. Just wanted to give my wonderful followers a heads up. I hope to see some of you there. 

Kelsey Barthel

Hello again my wonderful followers, 

BIG NEWS!! The ebook for Beyond the Code is READY!!!! That means that anyone who pre-ordered the digital copy or the physical/digital combo can read the book RIGHT NOW!!! And if you have yet to join the club and want to see what all the fuss is about, you can order a digital copy of Beyond the Code for only $6.99 and download it right away. No more waiting! 

And remember, once you have read Beyond the Code, make sure to give it a review on amazon, goodreads, or the Indigo website. Reviews are an authors best friend and I am eager to know what you think of my first published novel. 

Thank you all for staying with me on this journey to publication and I hope you all enjoy reading Beyond the Code as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. 

Kelsey Rae Barthel

Greetings wonderful followers, 

I have some news. I have contracted Mickey Mikkelson with Creative Edge as my publicist. He will help me build a strong writer platform and get the word out about Beyond the Code. He’s already booked me to be a guest on the awesome writers video podcast, Spilling Ink, on Feb 17/18. Look out for it. 

With any luck, we’ll have plenty more events to announce in the future. I’ll keep you informed the best I can. 

Also, I’m being told that the email address confirmations have been going out to my wonderful readers. So if you have moved in the recent future, make sure to input your correct address. And don’t forget that once you have read Beyond the Code, make sure to give it a review. Reader reviews are a first time authors best friend. 

Thank you all for following me this far. It’s been a long road but pub day is fast approaching. 

Kelsey Rae Barthel  

Greetings wonderful followers, 

I just got some exciting news from Inkshares. According to them, Beyond the Code should be all printed up in about two weeks, then they’ll start sending out the purchased copies to my wonderful backers. Can’t wait. Be sure to keep an eye on your email if you have moved in the last while so they can get your new mailing address. Wouldn’t want some stranger enjoying your book. 

Thank you all for following me this far.

Kelsey Rae Barthel 

Greetings wonderful followers, 

I have some good news. I have received the final approval for the full cover and now Beyond the Code is finally going to the printers. It’s been a long road and now we are closer then ever to making Beyond the Code a real book. Thank you all for sticking with me on the journey. I hope you all love the finished product. 

Kelsey Rae Barthel

Hello wonderful followers, 

Just a friendly reminder, I’ve been adding content to Beyond the Code’s facebook page. Please check it out if you want to browse through Beyond the Code content.

Kelsey Rae Barthel

Hello there fantastic followers, 

Production of Beyond the Code is going great and I finally have to time to put all my efforts into marketing my debut novel. Part of my marketing plan has been updating Beyond the Code’s facebook page. This page will be chock full of Beyond the Code content such as news on production, concept art, reviews, interviews, and more. So please, follow the link and follow the page for Beyond the Code updates and content.

For those who have followed Beyond the Code but haven’t yet pre-ordered, please consider joining this club. Just see what these amazing authors have said about it. 

Craig Munro, author of Bones of the Past says "Elegant descriptions, endless action and super powers - go check out this urban fantasy"

Tony Valdez, author of Dax Harrison says "Fast paced, action-packed fantasy! I can see the movie in my head already!"

Brian Guthrie, author of Rise says "An amazing concept that you won’t regret supporting"

These awesome authors know their stuff, so trust them when they say that Beyond the Code is definitely worth your support. Help make my first novel as successful as possible before it’s release. 

Thank you all for following me on this journey. 

Kelsey Rae Barthel  

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