You heard it here first: DARCY CONROY

One of best parts of being a hit author is getting to discover new talent. Allow me to introduce Inkshare’s funding author Darcy Conroy.

[See all those Scott Pilgrim books on the book shelf? Cool, right?]

While Darcy Conroy is not a science writer, she is one of the best YA (Young Adult) authors I have read all year. 

In fact, I have not been so excited by a YA book since reading J.K. Rowling’s first Harry Potter book almost twenty years ago. If you think I am exaggerating in the slightest, read for yourself:

Here are the first 9 chapters of The War of Wind and Moon.

(Like audiobooks? Got you covered: Here are the first 9 chapters being read by author.)

The world of The War of the Wind and Moon is an entirely new world and a whole new mythology. And right now you have the opportunity to say, "I knew about Darcy Conroy before the rest of the world." And if she’s anything like me, she will remember. 

Here’s the link to back The War of the Wind and MoonSPECIAL OFFER: Back this book and receive the uniquely eternal gratitude of supporting a new author before they hit big!

That’s it. Here we go, Team! Keep up the good work and read on.


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Right on @Mike Mongo  just posted mine on Amazon!

Wonderfully inspirational book! I REALLY wish I could have read this when I was younger! If I had, maybe I would then be writing this review from the the International Space Station! But that’s OK because my children WILL be able to read THE ASTRONAUT INSTRUCTION MANUAL when they are old enough, and then, because of it, can take a selfie with my copy on Mars! Thank you, Mike!"


Is that you? Once that was me. Then one day seven years ago I put on my Grown-Up Pants, signed-in, and I wrote my first Amazon review. It was for capsules to prevent colds. Woohoo! The excitement never stopped. 

How many times do we ourselves use Amazon reviews? I only buy items on Amazon with great reviews. Ask my wife. I’m strictly a 4-star and up kinda Amazon shopper.

Why I am sharing all this with supporters and readers is because it’s time.

It is time to write an Amazon review of The Astronaut Instruction Manual.


Just sign-in and click here. (Or vice versa.) 

The AIM already has some great reviews, many of which came from Inkshare readers. To everyone who has written a review, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Everyone else, let’s do this. Click, sign-in, write. Remember, everyone has a first time.



Now it can be told.

As revealed in today’s Hollywood Reporter, Legendary Entertainment…

…the studio behind such mega-hits as Pacific Rim, Godzilla, The Dark Knight, Man of Steel, Superman vs Batman, and Jurassic World…

…has optioned my book for television and is in early pre-production of a television series adaptation of The Astronaut Instruction Manual.

Yes, really.


Soooo, yeah, this is me tonight.

We be jamming.

Thank you, mighty supporters. You got us, inkshares and me, here. We would not be here without you. AND HERE IS A MIGHTY, MIGHTY FINE PLACE. 

Stay tuned and keep up the good work, we gonna be on television!!

Mike Mongo

The Astronaut Instruction Manual–#1 in Books on Product Hunt 

Happy Monday, another victory! This weekend, The Astronaut Instruction Manual made it to #1 for the day on ProductHunt.

ProductHunt is where lots of people learn of awesome new products that make life better. 
Here’s the link. Feel free to upvote!

(Of course I tweeted about it too. RT’s help too!)

Another fun thing that happened this weekend: I got my first autograph request for a signed photo–from 6-year old Benjamin in Austin, TX. How cool is that! It’s on its way and wow am I HONORED. #blush.

Thanks for letting me share the good news and keep up the good work,

Mike Mongo
astronaut teacher


It’s official. The Astronaut Instruction Manual has been ordered for a 2nd printing. Or should I say,…


(...ok so that’s how it feels.)

Inkshares and I are readying for a second-round of publicity. That means school tours, blog tours, podcast interviews, all that stuff that helps to get Astronaut Instruction Manuals into the hands of future young humannaires. 

Here’s how you can help. It’s simple and its impact is huge, really:

Write a review of The AIM on Amazon.

If you have not ever written a review on Amazon, break out of your shell and go for it! Your review may make the difference to a single important person in the life of a young student.

One last thing. Speaking of podcast interviews, last month I was honored to be invited to join author Nihar Suthar’s excellent radio show-and-podcast, Incito. It was a fantastic interview filled with inspiration and insight. It will make you smile. Here is that episode.

That’s it. Except once again I have to say thank you to you the backers and readers and all the team at Inkshares publishing who made all this possible. One reader at a time, we are pointing the way to a future of aspiration, success and wonderful surprise. Yes!

Keep up the good work,

Mike Mongo
astronaut teacher

5-Year Olds Make The Best Podcasters

When I first heard of The Sound of Science, a science podcast hosted by 5-year old Nate, I stopped what I was doing and listened to every episode of TSOS. And I immediately sent an email to Nate (via his dad, Eric) introducing myself and asking if I could send him a copy of The Astronaut Instruction Manual. I mean, Nate was cool!

So it was with real celebration I received the invitation to be a guest on Nate's podcast.

And now, with just as much excitement–and no small degree of gratitude–I share this:

Podcaster Nate's The Sound of Science, episode #8–featuring Mike Mongo.

Oh and by the way? I am now of the opinion there is little or nothing more adorbs than a budding scientists 5-year old who is also a podcaster. Because: space sharks.

Mike Mongo
astronaut teacher

One Door Closes

For the past month, The Astronaut Instruction Manual spent nearly every day as #1 New Release Children's Book (Science >;; Astronomy & Space) on amazon. It looked like this:

Today marked Day 90 as a New Release Children's Book on Amazon. Meaning The AIM is no longer a "new release". We immediately disappeared from the list. (And trust me, I loved The AIM being #1 on that list. Like, loved loved loved it.) However, as the saying goes, one door closes...

...and another opens. This week I am heading to Florida Educators Technology Conference in Orlando. While I am there I will be teaching at two schools, including Orlando Sciences Elementary School, where I am teaching 4th and 5th graders subsequent to a book buying parent who took the initiative to send an open invitation.

Amazingly, we are paying for the trip by offering Astronaut Instruction Manual books to students for pre-sell. (Which I then sign and personalize–after astronaut teaching and working with the classrooms.) It's like our very own Inkshares book fair!

This entire turn of events is literally a dream come true. Astronaut teaching and getting The Astronaut Instruction Manuals into the hands of young student readers? Yes!

So let's move this forward. If you think your student would like for Mike Mongo, astronaut teacher to visit their school sometime in the near future, let's do it. I'm 100% game!

Letting today's students know that tomorrow's jobs are in space gives them a critical competitive advantage to live, work and place in space. Let me know if such a student may be someone you know at a school you support.

(And if you don't have a student in school but know of a school that would be receptive to reaching students with a space STEM message, drop me a line too.)

I can be reached at mike at mikemongo dot com. Email me! Have books, will travel!

Next step, here we come. Keep up the good work and have a terrific 2016,

Mike Mongo
astronaut teacher

We Interrupt This Program To Bring You This Important Message

Short note. Today I heard from two original backers of The Astronaut Instruction Manual who have not received their books. This was the look on my face:

If somehow you did not receive your purchased books and you were one of the original backers, inkshares has let me know they take this very serious, so by all means please email me at mike at mikemongo dot com and let us know.

…we now return to our previously scheduled programming already in progress which is THE AIM BEING #1 NEW RELEASE CHILDREN'S BOOK ON AMAZON.COM!!!

(So, yeah, let's make sure the people who got us here are as happy as I was on the opening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Before and after seeing it!)

May the Force be with you,

Mike Mongo
astronaut teacher

#1 on

You can only imagine the expression on my face when I opened up to learn that The Astronaut Instruction Manual is the #1 New Release Children's Book (Science >;;; Astronomy & Space) of the Last 90 Days. It's hard to describe the joy of such a moment.

But I can tell you it looked something like this:

( ^ yes, John Boyega of Star Wars: The Force Awakens at Comic-Con 2015. That face.)

Everyone of you book backers-and- buyers MY GOOGLE THANK YOU. This is happening because you got in first. It's so cool when I look in The AIM and see all your names!

So two things: One, if you wrote a review I love you. Two, if for some reason you have not yet received books–or even if you got too many–let me know: mike at mike mongo dot com.

Everyone, I really am grateful for your support. You mean the world to me. We have got here today because of your being with us from the beginning. And I remember.

Keep up the good work and merry happy everything, YAAAY WE ARE #1!

Mike Mongo
astronaut teacher

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