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Very nice.  A thought provoking one. God bless you father. 
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This book is a must read. The story line was so captivating.Inspirational it is. Thankyou father for such a good read.
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Great and inspiring story. Congratulations to the author. Kudoos to the effort and thought behind it. 
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It is an  inspiring story
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This a story that is applicable in real life. A powerful motivating force it is. A handicapped girl also can achieve great things in today’s world. This story is a powerful motivating force. All can draw some fruit from it for one’s own growth.
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This is so encouraging and helps us to think about our focus. It  gives encouragement to believe in ourselves and to challenge and overcome the difficulties in our life as well as help others also to do same.Thank you for such a beautiful writing.
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It is very inspiring. Congratulations Father. 
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Simpale educative execellent this book should be published

I thank you so much, my dear friends, for following and commenting on my novel “Prove Your Fire Within, a magnetic call to action.” I am thrilled and grateful to you for this appreciation and support. Many of you have recommended this book to others for an easy reading and for Inspiration to a better life. You have also expressed that this book evokes a positive experience in you, and it has helped you to realize your mission as a woman in the world. Thank you. Yes, I have carefully avoided any hard word, so that all can read this book and understand well the messages communicated. Of course, this book aims at young adults of any walks of life.

You have picked up many important messages that I want to communicate to the world through this story for a better life and prosperity. The book communicates social, psycho-spiritual, moral values for all round growth of a person. I need your support and help. So far it’s going on well. Continue to help me, please.

Tom Kottackal

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After reading this story, I have a better understanding of my own womanhood and why God has sent me to this world. It is to spend my short time on this earth doing good to others and become a blessing to all around me, but I see it as a great challenge. If Lucy, a handicapped young woman, could achieve it, why couldn’t I? I have heard also Lucy like persons have achieved great things in the world. This question is haunting me now, and I am overcome by Lucy of the story to do something for the poor people of the world selflessly. I am touched by the character Lucy  and her technique of allowing herself be defeated by her opponents, and thus change the mentality of opponents and get their support for grater things to reach her end goal. Congratulations to Tom Kottackal, the author of this well-thought-out story.
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