90 percent of goal. Only 75 pre-orders to go...

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650 Pre-ordered. 100 more to go. This is really happening.

Dayton folks: Doyle will be on Living Dayton with Sallie Taylor, WDTN-2, today at noon. Don’t forget to watch!

With your help, we keep rolling...We passed 625 pre-orders tonight. 750 is looking quite reachable. Thank you to everyone who is supporting our project and putting their faith in us.

Just broke 600. Actually at 603. Less than 150 to go.

Dayton folks: Doyle Burke will be on Living Dayton with Sallie Taylor, this Friday at noon on WDTN Channel 2 promoting our book, Death as a Living.

Having pre-sold 563 copies, as of today, we are at 75 percent of goal. Thanks to everyone who has supported us.

500 TODAY!

We’ve reached 500 pre-ordered. Only 11 days in and we’re at 2/3 of goal. Thanks so much to all of you who are supporting us. We are out-pacing our wildest expectations and deeply appreciate the faith you have in us and our (soon to be published) book.

Doyle and Lou

One week ago, we began taking pre-orders. This afternoon, we passed 350 sold. We’re almost at 50 percent of goal. Thanks to everyone for the help. Keep on sharing!

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