Billy O’Keefe
One of the most fearless projects I've seen on here. I'm in awe of this. Take a look.
Katie C. McKenna
This is an incredible story of the amazing, heartbreaking, and inspiring life of her father. I love stories of strength, and courage in the face of great challenges, and this is absolutely one of them!
Stephen Carignan
I love the poignant tone of this idea, which will both tug at the heartstrings and provide a new perspective on perhaps and old lesson. The writing of the piece feels honest, which is something I feel like a lot of writers strive for. I think this work is important to the author, and that will translate to the readers. 
Ken Manaux
Despite the merciless string of hardships, the strength of this man's resolve to survive by any means necessary is deeply rooted. This sets that tone in a powerful way. I'm a weepy mess right now.
This is a hard book to read, yet I kept reading. Listening to the hardships of another persons life is never easy but the two things you learn are there but for the grace of God, go I and if they could survive that, I can survive this.