Kate Grenenger
Hey all! This is a collaboration project in which i am co-writing with my dark bro Michael Huddlestone! Its cool, creepy, and addicting!! Please go check it out, recommend it to your followers, leave a review, a comment. Come on lets get this out there!
Stephen Carignan
From a chilling pace to a chilling tone, What the Dark Knows promises to be a great addition to the genre. I thought the structure of the piece itself combined with the interesting characters made for a great read. I look forward to seeing more from this team.
Michael Huddlestone
I've teamed up with an amazing local horror writer, my dark sister Kate Grenenger for a new horror anthology. What the Dark Knows is our title piece. It is fully co-written, taking on a unique life of its own.Please support us and lets see how far it goes
A. White
Creepy, but a fun creepy. It isn't a place I would want to be. I like the way the author create the sense impending dread.
Lynn J Alford
Two talented local writers team up to produce something that should be excellent. Keep an eye on this one.
Kate Grenenger
What the dark knows is now taking pre-orders! This book is insanely captivating...I say that because I co-wrote it alongside the amazing twisted talent of Michael Huddlestone. Caught in the mix of gothic dread, Clara finds herself caught up in a web of confusion. Accused of the murder of her parents and thrown into an asylum at the age of 17, She must find the cause of her accusations through everyones rumours and lies. A paranormal entity latches on to Clara with connections closer to home in a will to wreck havoc and gain back the one she loves, Clara. Though she is not the only one who can see her. There are others. This book is fun and creepy. Currently sitting 7th in the CRYPT TV Contest. Definitely worth a pre-order. What do you say. Help a girl out.