I’m adding a little more context here for everyone who’s found WEIGHT OF MEMORY.

First of all, thank you so much for being here! Inkshares is a publishing company where, prior to publishing, readers show support for books by pre-ordering. Then, if a book gets 750 preorders, Inkshares will step and edit, marketing, distribute, etc. If for any reason the campaigns ends or I don’t hit my goal, all pre-orders will be automatically 100% refunded!

WEIGHT OF MEMORY is dark speculative fiction. I like to say it’s a cross between Jodi Picoult and Stephen King. The story is 100% complete so as I get more preorders I’ll release bits and pieces of the story!

Below you’ll find a brief description of the story and if you go the "Read" tab, that’s where you’ll find the complete first chapter with more to be added as the preorders roll in!

Again, I can’t thank you enough for the support. Happy Reading!

Lara’s brother is dead and she’s a mess. Worst of all, the only thing she has left of him—her memories—have disappeared. Unable to function and severely depressed, she’s not sure she can ever get back to her normal, unremarkable life.

When she stumbles upon an old book that tells the story of Violet Marsh, a 19th-century woman who lost her brother and found a way to rebuild her life, Lara finds comfort in its pages. That is, until she reads it again. This time it’s different. It’s dark and sinister and hints at something evil. Soon, the terrifying things happening to Violet in the book begin to mirror the strange happenings in Lara’s own life.

When Lara sets out to find out more about the book and its author, she discovers that she and the women in her family are connected to the book in ways she never could have guessed and that the book is not fiction at all. It’s rooted in a forgotten history of witches and ancient magic that might offer Lara a chance at what she wants most in the world—to not only regain her lost memories of her brother, but maybe even see him again.

Refusing to back down in the face of the increasingly terrifying things happening around her, Lara joins forces with a local coven who try to help her make sense of what’s happening. However, not all of them are as helpful as they seem and this powerful, ancient magic might be more dangerous than any of them imagined.

As she dives further into the long-forgotten magic, Lara will eventually have to choose between doing the safe, right thing…or the impossible thing she wants most.