Mark Alan Miller, writer of Hellraiser, Next Testament, and The Steam Man
Dystopia done right. Cronenberg meets Orwell in this terrifying vision of the future.
Clay McLeod Chapman, author of Rest Area
If you've ever fathomed Cronenberg updating The Scarlet Letter, or have dreamed of Greg Araki rebooting Street Trash, you still won't be prepared for Weaponized.
After all, with some serious elements of Clive Barker and David Cronenberg thrown into the story, how could you not envision a film being something twisted, violent, erotic, and absolutely disturbing?
Lonnie S.N.
I love the premise for this book. Sounds like Clive Barker of old.
G. A. Finocchiaro
This might be one of the most fascinating and strange things I have ever read. Check it out!
Matt Harry
Creepy, cool, and very Cronenberg-y. Check this one out!
John Dennehy
I'm not typically into horror, but great writing--of any genre--makes us view the world in new ways. Weaponized, where guns are created via sexually transmitted diseases, does just that. Check this one out.
Julia Llanos
Sounds like 80's David Cronenberg wrote a novel. Love it!
Amber Thompson
As if STIs weren't scary enough as it is!
Y. E. Katerina
I love off-beat premises like this. If you are looking for something freshly horrifying, this is a project to check out!!