Amanda Orneck
Dude this premise is amazing. Please fund this book so I can read it!
Christopher Huang
A cloned police detective has to solve his own murder. I especially like the tone of voice, which is both convincingly gruff and deliciously noir-ish.
Tabi Card
I am sold on this book by the premise alone! A clone solving it's original body's murder??? I need this book now.
Brian Guthrie
Amazing premise. The first chapter draws you right in
Matthew Poat
Great start, I look forward to reading more!
Billy O’Keefe
It’s 7:48 in the morning, I haven’t even had my coffee yet, and I’m watching as they’re hauling my body out of the river. I’m an Upload, a clone. They’ve mapped my genes, replicated my DNA, made a copy, and now I need to solve my own murder.
Sharyl Friend Pavlisko
omg! OMG!!! THIS is AWESOME!!!!! You guys HAVE TO check THIS out!!! My apologies, for speaking like an unintelligent one, but..... OMG!!!
G. A. Finocchiaro
Now that's a hook! Brilliant idea! Looking forward to seeing where this story goes!
Jaye Milius
What a hook! Fascinating concept that immediately draws you in. Check this out!
Christopher Huang
Voice, the character of the narrator, is everything when it comes to prose. It is even more so when writing in the first person, and Meredith has it in spades. It's gruff, powerful, with a cynical edge; it screams noir thriller without aping the tropes. Characters and concepts are introduced skilfully, providing information without weighing down the narrative with excessive exposition. On the whole, a convincingly written thriller; the science-fiction element, in the form of the practice of cloning oneself, becomes almost a natural part of the scenery, slipped in with such ease that one doesn't realise one's disbelief has been suspended to accommodate it.