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If you love to explore the dark sides of the human nature... ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you A.R. Baumann.
Book Q&As with Deborah Kalb
Interview with A.R. Baumann.
CultureMap Houston
River Oaks oil heiress writes sensational crime thriller that hits close to home.
My Bookish Ways
An interview with A.R. Baumann
Omnimystery News
An Excerpt from Under a Cloud of Rain by A. R. Baumann
Ann Dunphy Becker, Author of Houston’s River Oaks
A riveting ride to the dark side of human relations. A layered world of intrigue, sass and suspense... I could not put this book down.
Michael W. Taft, author of The Mindful Geek
A.R. Baumann paints a compelling portrait of a bygone Houston, melting in the heat, and haunted by a maniacal killer on the loose.
Janna Grace
This is Houston.